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Gleneagle Secondary School
School District No. 43 (Coquitlam)
Visual Arts : "Think Art" at Gleneagle

The high quality artwork seen displayed around Gleneagle demonstrates the success of our visual arts students.

We offer a broad selection of courses at each grade level so that students with a variety of interests and abilities can meet with success.

Grade 9 courses are designed to provide fundamental skills and techniques and a broad base of knowledge. Grade 10, 11,  and 12 students can choose from a wide range of general and specialized grade 11 and 12 courses. This allows both the new and experienced art student a program suited to their individual interests and needs.

The JumpstArt program is an exciting option for grade 9 students seeking a more in-depth art experience.

Our Art Careers 12  program is unique, and helps serious students plan for post-secondary entrance.

The Headstart in Art Emily Carr satellite program is also hosted at Gleneagle, allowing grade 12 students from all around the district the opportunity to take additional courses for university credit.

If you are an interested student this is a great time to take the opportunity to develop your creativity and self expression while you learn valuable personal and career skills.

LightburnYearbook 11/12, Art
CollinArt 9, Ceramics
KimArt 9, Art
CindyJumpstArt 9cquach@sd43.bc.caPublic Site
CroftArt 11/12, Drawing & Painting 11/12, Ceramics 11/12, Art Careers
JodeyMedia Arts, Animationjudell@sd43.bc.caPublic Site
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Gleneagle Secondary School

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V3B 7Y8
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