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Gleneagle Secondary School
School District No. 43 (Coquitlam)
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Clubs & Activities

In our continued commitment to the value of extracurricular activities, we offer several sponsored club and organizations that cater to our diverse student population and its need for social responsibility, individual interest, and even just plain fun stuff.

If a student wishes to start a club that is currently not offered, they may approach any Gleneagle teacher and ask them to sponsor the club.

To teach how to play the game and to benefit from connection and communication during the game.
Fridays after block 5 in gym C
To promote business literacy through educational events, business case competitions, and empowering opportunities for all youth.
Fridays at lunch room 201
Chinese Culture
To experience Chinese culture and activities, as well as increase knowledge about China.
Tuesdays at lunch in room 215
Climate Change Awareness
To engage students in more school activities and to do more creative and artistic things.
Wednesday-lunchtime, Room 225
Computer Science
Students will learn basic programming skills while preparing for Canadian Computer competitions.
Wednesday after block 5 in room 101
Creative Painting
To explore new ways of painting, use different art materials.  Finally complete 1 - 5 works with themes and meaning.
Mondays after block 5 in Art room 106
Welcome all students who love dancing and want to learn , share their passion, and experience for dance.  It's a place for students to dance and have fun as well as learn new dances.
Fridays after block 5 - 4:00 pm drama room 131
To teach CNDF and other styles of debate, increase public speaking skills, and represent Gleneagle at tournaments.
Thursdays after block 5 - 3:45 pm  in room 110
Dungeons and Dragons
To immerse and teach students ways around D & D
Tuesday at lunch in room 128
To get like minded students involved in the ever growing realm of Esports.  Similar to traditional sports, students will develop strtegic thinking, team work, and many more skills.
Fridays after block 5 - 3;45 in room 101
Promoting environmental stewardship
http://gleneaglegreen.teamMondays at lunch in room 204
GSA (Gender Sexuality Alliance)
To create a safe and inclusive space for members of the LGBTQ community and allies.
Thursdays at lunch in room 218
To improve our guitar skills
Tuesday after school in room 133
To train and improve improv skills in a fun and inclusive environment!
Wednesdays at lunch in room 131
International Community
To help international students get involved in the community
Get your competitive streak on and compete against other teams.
To learn about traditional and modern Japanese culture.  We introduce, share, and discuss Japanese cultural aspects.
Mondays at lunch in room 114
To fundraise for Thirst Project and giving others volunteering opportunities and help build leadership within ur community
Mondays at lunch in room 201
To learn, exercise, and have fun kickboxing
Tuesday and Thursdays after block 5 - 3:45 - 5:00 pm in Gym C
To bring the M U N community to the Gleneagle community and facilitate engaging debate and discussion, as well as attend conferences.  There may be a fee for conferences.
Wednesdays at lunch  in room 118
To help students with their homework and provide extra material to improve their skills, and share information to ignite their interests in studying Math.
Tuesdays at lunch in room 209
Math Contest
To provide students with the opportunity to practice and participate in various Math contests throughout the year.
Wednesday at lunch in room 208
Me to We
To raise awareness among our school community about global poverty - organize fundraisers to benefit communities across the world
Thursdays at lunch in room 126
Formed in 2007 when Gleneagle moved to a common lunch, students meet in room 111 to eat lunch and watch movies on our 12' screen in 5.1 surround sound. Over the years we have done various movie marathons including The Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, and the Marvel cinematic universe.
Daily at lunch in room 111
To lengage in philosophical discussion on various topics
Tuesdays at lunch in room 218
To explore and learn more about photography, plan a fieldtrip, and do photo competitions.
Thursday at lunch in Room 112
To prepare for science competitions and portake in competitions aiming to win.  There may be fees associated with competitions and transportation.
Thursdays  at lunch in Room 203
To develop students poetry writing , explore aspects of spoken work (slam poetry), and compete at Hullabaloo.
Wednesdays at lunchtime in room 110
Pollinator Project
Host community events to spread awareness and plant pollinators in community
Fridays, Room 112, Lunchtime
Students will have the opportunity to explore and discuss various experiments
Monday at lunch in room 202
To make every club member more productive and form a community where club members are responsible for each others time management.  By the end of the year, members are going to imporve tremendously in productivity.
Mondays in Room 203
Student Council
Serving as a voice for the students and to raise school spirit by planning school wide events
Mondays at lunch - Executive meeting and Tuesday at lunch general meeting room 115
Youth Alpha
"Is there more to life than this?"  Talking and answering about worlds biggest question.  A safe welcome environment where students can come to talk about big questions with a Christian aspect but completely open for everyone to enjoy.
Wednesday at lunch in room 201

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