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School District No. 43 (Coquitlam)
Learning for a Lifetime
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Have a question?  Visit our Frequently Asked Questions page, or contact the applicable person below based on your question or need.

CADS Absences and Dispatch Line: 778-730-1755

Teacher Emergency Line:  604-937-6793

Support Staff Emergency Line:  604-937-6794

Payroll Requests:



For other inquiries not addressed here, please contact the Board Office receptionist (604-939-9201) during business hours.





Forms for Direct Submission

Or my43>myInfo>myForms

Click the link or follow the path, choose MyForms

Access Employee Forms for maternity leaves, TQS, address and name change, resignation and retirements, and more


After hours emergency lines: For time sensitive absence issues arising after hours (3:30pm to 8am), call and leave a detailed message; the dispatcher will return the call during business hours if clarification is needed.

Support Staff Emergency Dispatch Line:  604-937-6794   |   Teaching Staff Emergency Dispatch Line:  604-937-6793

Please note: Emergency lines are 24-hour voicemail boxes; messages are reviewed during business hours only.

During business hours: For time sensitive absence issues arising during office hours (8am to 3:30pm), call the Board Office at 604-939-9201 and ask to speak to the dispatcher.  If the dispatcher is not available, either call again or call the appropriate emergency line and leave a detailed message. The dispatcher will return the call if clarification is needed.  

To log other absences, sign into my43 > CADS > Log an Absence.

If you experience difficulties, ask your administrator to log the absence on your behalf

Sonya Burdett

HR 1 Clerk

Email: HR-SupportStaffCasualDesk


  • Support staff dispatching (Lead)
  • Support staff letters of employment (non-salary)

Jennifer Izatt

HR 1 Clerk


Email: HR-TeacherTTOCDesk  

  • Teacher dispatching (Lead)
  • TTOC Work Board and teacher preferences
  • Overall TTOC inquiries

Jennifer Corbett

HR 1 Clerk

Email: HR-LeaveDesk

(incl. leaves for all employee groups)


  • Task Manager inquiries (Admin)
  • Questions and concerns regarding short term leave requests
  • Teacher and support staff dispatching (back-up)

Delilah Burry

HR 2 Clerk

Email: HR-SupportStaff


  • Support staff postings and seniority
  • Support staff assignments
  • Support staff maternity and paternity
  • Support staff paid education/job-related courses

Justine Blanco

HR 2 Clerk

Email: HR-SupportStaff


Catalina Gnasienco

HR 2 Clerk



Email: HR - Teaching


  • Teacher assignments and postings
  • Teacher resignation and retirement letters
  • Teacher department head allotments
  • Teacher letters of employment (non-salary)
  • Teaching experience porting out and in
  • Part-time leave inquiries

Brooke Moore

HR 2 Clerk



Email: HR - Teaching



  • Teacher assignments and postings
  • Teacher maternity and paternity leaves
  • Teacher conversions and seniority
  • TQS updates
  • Teacher electronic onboarding

Naresh Ghuman

HR 2 Clerk


  • Benefits (all employee groups)

Raj Kothary

Disability and Wellness Manager


  • Medical leaves/supports

     (all employee groups)

Direct ALL

 confidential medical documentation to

Benjie Lee

Occupational Health and Safety Coordinator


  • WorkSafe Incidents

     (all employee groups)

Darlene Cattermole

HR Manager


  • Teacher Experience Verification (new hires)

Payroll Department

  • Employment letters with financial information

(all employee groups)

  • Pay statements, sick bank

Anna Sivertsen

Secretary to Assistant Superintendents

  • Course fee assistance for teachers

Updated: November 22, 2022​

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School District No. 43 (Coquitlam)

1080 Winslow Avenue, Coquitlam BC
V3J 0M6
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