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Learning for a Lifetime
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Ready Set Learn

​​​​​​​Ready, Set, Learn is an early learning initiative sponsored by the Ministry of Education, which welcomes 3-5 year olds and their families to the School District No. 43 (Coquitlam) community.​​​

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​Ready, Set, Learn Virtual Parent Series​

Parents and caregivers of 3-5-year olds are invited to join virtual sessions designed to support their children's learning and development as they grow as lifelong learners. This free early learning event is sponsored by the Ministry of Education.

​Nurturing Social and Emotional Competencies 
Miriam Miller, Social and Emotional Learning Specialist 
Tuesday, April 27th, 2021

This session explores ways to nurture children’s social and emotional competencies as they prepare to investigate the new, social landscape of school. Fostering social and emotional skills at a young age plays a key role in future learning and relationships. Join Miriam Miller as she shares simple, practical ways for parents and caregivers to build and encourage the development of these skills and behaviours at home.


sleep challenges.png
Making Sense of Common Sleep Challenges
Sarah Fenrich, Occupational Therapist and Holistic Sleep Coach
Tuesday, May 4th (7pm-8pm)​

Nighttime anxiety, nightmares and late bedtimes are common sleep challenges in school-aged children. Join Sarah as she shares information about sleep and common sleep challenges and provides parents and caregivers with simple hands-on sleep strategies that will lead to a more positive bedtime experience, increased independence with sleeping, and improve your child’s overall sleep.

Playful Numeracy 
Lauren Maclean, Mentor Support Teacher, SD43
Tuesday, May 18th (7pm-8pm)

Math offers us ways to make sense of the world around us. When nurtured in a playful way, our early learners explore mathematical ideas as concepts to be discussed and reasoned through, shifting away from memorization to understanding and flexible thinking. Join Lauren as she shares how playful numeracy can be encouraged at home and what your child might experience in the Kindergarten classroom.


love of literacy.pngFor the Love of Literacy
Jenn Jeon & Janet VanStraten, Kindergarten Teachers, Leigh Elementary
Tuesday, May 25th (7pm-8pm)

Creating a literacy-rich environment at home is invaluable to your child’s development. Immersing your young child in a variety of reading, writing, and oral experiences fosters creative and critical thinking from an early age. In this session, Jenn and Janet will provide a glimpse of literacy instruction in Kindergarten and will share their knowledge and passion for how to nurture your child’s love of literacy at home. 

learning outdoors.pngTaking Learning Outdoors
​Alexa Charles, Mentor Support Teacher, SD43 & Sinead Joy, Kindergarten Teacher, Coquitlam River Elementary​
​Tuesday, June 1st (7pm-8pm)

In today's world, children are not always afforded with the same extended periods of outdoor time many of us experienced throughout our own childhoods. The promotion of well-being and physical development, opportunities for rich, meaningful learning, and connection to the natural world are only a few reasons that many teachers build outdoor learning into their daily schedule. Join Alexa and Sinead as they share the positive impacts that being outside can have on our children and what this might look like in Kindergarten.


grade 1 classroom.pngLooking into a Kindergarten/Grade 1 Classroom
Roxanne McIntyre & Erika Weiseman, Kindergarten Teachers, 
James Park Elementary
Tuesday, June 15th (7pm-8pm)

Multi-age classrooms cultivate a child-led environment where students can develop a lifelong love of learning. Grouping students in such a way creates space for an environment that honours how children develop at different paces and with different natural skills set. Drawing from their experience and expertise, Roxanne and Erika will share benefits of a multi-age classroom and the positive impacts it can have on the social, emotional, and cognitive needs of a child.​

Families are the first teachers, the primary caregivers, and the knowledge-holders of their children. Families have the most important role in promoting their children’s well-being and learning.
​- BC Early Learning Framework (Ministry of Education)

If you have any questions, please contact Harpreet Esmail, Early Learning Coordinator, ​​

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