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Student Records Request

Student Record Requests

Transcript Information

A transcript is an official document that shows your secondary school marks and course credits completed in the British Columbia Graduation Program. Your BC Ministry of Education Student Transcript, not your Graduation Certificate (diploma), is the legal document proving graduation. The BC Ministry of Education Student Transcripts are retained for 55 years after graduation.


A Ministry of Education Student Transcript is usually requested by post-secondary institutes, trades programs, job hiring, and other educational pursuits, as proof of completion of the BC Graduation Program and specific course work completed.


Graduation Certificate

A Graduate Certificate is a diploma that states a person has graduated from a specific program from a BC secondary school or BC Online school. This document does not outline the courses completed in the BC Graduation Program. Therefore, it is not a Student Transcript. Graduation Diplomas are retained at the Ministry of Education for 55 years after graduation.


Permanent Student Records (PSR)

Permanent Student Records are a record of student grades and services documenting a student’s academic progress from kindergarten to grade 12. The PSR is kept for 55 years after the last day enrolled, e.g., after graduation or the date a student withdraws from a school.



How do I obtain my Official Ministry of Education Student Transcript, BC Graduation Certificate (diploma), or Permanent Student Record?


1. Contact the Ministry of Education online to request the Transcript and Certificate.


2. Contact the last school, e.g., secondary school, that you attended for a certified copy of your BC Ministry of Education Student Transcript or Permanent Student Record.

  • Contact the secondary school by phone or email.
  • Complete the secondary school’s Student Record Request form. This can be found on the school’s website, or phone the school’s office for assistance.
  • Secondary Schools shall charge former graduated students $10 for their first copy of the “certified copy” and $5 for each additional copy. (Administrative Procedure 361).
  • Payment for Student Records must be paid prior to receiving the records. Please refer to the school’s website or contact the school’s office for payment procedures.
  • To ensure the privacy and security of the student record information, a legible copy of government issued photographic identification must accompany the school’s Student Record Request form, as well as shown to the office staff when picking up the documents.
  • Unclaimed Student Records ordered for pick-up will be destroyed after 6 months after they are ordered. No refunds will be issued for unclaimed documents.


If you are unable to utilize the Ministry of Education Order Service or connect with the last school you attended in the Coquitlam School District, please contact the School Board Administrative Office at 604 939 9201, and request to be connected with the Executive Secretary in the Superintendent’s Office.


 Businesses Ordering Transcripts

Businesses requesting a transcript for Education Verification, must provide both a completed  Client Consent form and a Transcript Order form. These documents can be ordered through and submitted to the BC Ministry of Education website link. 


Ministry of Education link to order Student Transcripts and/or Graduation Certificates:

Note: The Ministry of Education has a fee for producing these documents.


Legal Requests

Student Records are available from the last school the student attended. The retention period (legal length of time Student Records are retained) varies depending on the type of Student Record. To request a record, please send the following information to the school: 

  • The request for student records, in writing, along with a signed authorization form from the former student currently of adult age, or parent of a student under 19 years of age. 
  • Attorneys requesting their client’s educational records may send written requests by letter to the elementary, middle, or secondary school, outlining your request for the specific Student Record information.
  • Please include the maiden name, and/or any other name your client has used, their date of birth, and the last date/year of enrolment at the school.

 Please note:  SD43 schools will charge a fee for the collection of the documents requested in the written letter. The fee will depend on the number of documents requested. Please contact the school for the fee costs.

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