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Connecting to Kindergarten


​​​​Families and caregivers have the most important role in the development of their children's well-being and learning. Nurturing a sense of well-being and belonging is based on children's relationship with their families, communities, and their cultures, environments and the world. Families and caregivers are the first teachers of their children. â€‹

In British Columbia, Early Learning is framed through four living inquiries. These inquiries refer to the way children, educators, materials and ideas work together as children think and learn. Families are naturally engaging in the development of these living inquiries daily.

Here are further ideas on how you might continue to support these living inquiries at home through a variety of activities:

Well-Being and Belonging

Engagement with Others, Materials, and the World

Communication and Literacies

Identities, Social Responsibility, and Diversity

(Early Learning Framework, 2019)

​​The Importance of Play​
RSL-importance of play.jpg



​Play-based learning is vital for early learners, as it supports cognitive, social, emotional and physical development. Encouraging play in your ​​child's daily routine helps build essential skills and lays the foundation for lifelong learning.

Resources to integrate playful experiences at home.​​​​:

Communication - Literacies.pdf
Engagement with Others Materials and the World.pdf
Let's Play Activities for Families.pdf​
Passport to Play 2023.pdf
Story Walk At Home Edition.pdf
​Well-Being - Belonging.pdf
When I Go to Kindergarten.pdf​

​Caregiver Series
RSL-caregiver series.jpg

This series of videos were recorded from our Ready, Set, Learn Caregiver Series. These virtual sessions were designed for caregivers to support their children's learning and development as they grow as lifelong learners.
Additional Resources​
RSL-additional resources.jpg

Suggested Kindergarten gear and tips on how to support happy and healthy children:

​Gearing Up for Kindergarten.pdf
​Connecting with Arts and Culture.pdf
​Connecting with Nature.pdf
​Connecting with Physical Activity.pdf
​Connecting with Sleep.pdf


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