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School District No. 43 (Coquitlam) is a leader in STEM or STEAM education. STEAM ways of learning draw on skills and competencies related to science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics. One of the Directions 2025 strategic objectives in SD43 is to, "equip students for a world that requires practical scientific, technical and innovation skills through STEAM and Career Education". 

Watch this brief (5:23 min.) video to see what STEM / STEAM education looks like in SD43:​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
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 STEAM for ALL in SD43

  • Common Experiences Between Schools [+]

    In addition to computational thinking resources, SD43 has also provided a set of core makerspace and numeracy materials to all K-8 school library learning commons. These materials are aligned with the ongoing conversion of all SD43 school libraries to school library learning commons, which are collaborative, student-centred, multi-functional hubs of opportunity and availability that enrich the learning experience for all students. District grants at both the K-8 and 9-12 level are furthering this work. In addition, educators all have the opportunity to request support from the district STEAM Team and all schools may request district STEAM Support Teacher residencies.

  • Resources to Support STEAM [+]

    ​​SD43 educators and students have access to digital resources including Minecraft Education (K-12),​​ STEM Connect (6-8)​ and Live It Earth (K-7). These two latter resources include English and French content and challenges to support STEAM learning. SD43 has also developed an educator site [internal use only]​ featuring STEAM information, videos, and lessons (including monthly plans for outdoor learning). 

  • STEAM Career Opportunities [+]

    Click here​ for more information about Careers & Trades Programs opportunities. Grade 6-8 educators can explore STEAM career resources within STEM Careers​ [STEM Connect].

  • STEAM Entry Points and Program Delivery [+]

    SD43 has developed entry points to STEAM learning to support educators. These tools include the SD43 STEAM Model, which can be seen in the video above, and targeted support for specific technologiesβ€”such as micro:bitβ€”by grade level. In addition, the STEAM Team has developed STEAM Lenses / Optique STIAM which invite inquiry through the perspectives of science, TEA, and mathematics. This latter tool is an important resource for the district student STEAM Ambassadors program. Student STEAM Ambassadors represent their respective schools and bring STEAM opportunities to their peers.

  • STEAM Opportunities for Students [+]

    Recent district STEAM opportunities for students have included:​

    • Student Spaceflight Experiments Program: Sponsored by the Coquitlam Foundation and in partnership with SFU, participating Grade 4/5 to 12 students worked to develop microgravity experiments with one experiment actually being conducted on the International Space Station.
    • SD43 / SFU Geoheritage Initiative: The SFU Faculty of Science supported K-12 students in learning about local geoheritage. Students conducted their own geoheritage inquiries at their schools.
    • STEAM Challenge Days: K-12 students were invited to take on STEAM challenges at the STEAM Lab over the course of a day.

    Student STEAM Ambassadors​​ help to communicate and lead these opportunities in their schools. For more information about STEAM in SD43 schools, please view the video linked above.

  • Support for STEAM Programming [+]

    SD43 Coquitlam has a district STEAM Team available on request to support STEAM learning​. In addition to other personnel, the team includes four STEAM Support Teachers. STEAM Support Teachers are assigned to residencies in schools and along with Numeracy and Indigenous Resource Teachers, also respond to requests for support. The "home base" for STEAM in the district is the Winslow Library Learning Commons & STEAM Lab. The STEAM Lab provides equipment including laser cutters, 3D printers, etc. The STEAM Lab also supports frequent live district STEAM lessons and challenges. 

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