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School District No. 43 (Coquitlam)
Learning for a Lifetime
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Staff Directory & Role

The Administrator oversees all aspects of Aboriginal Education, and works closely with department staff, district staff, the advisory committee, and the community, to create sustainable programming and positive quality experiences for our students and families..

Resource Teachers
The role of the District Aboriginal Resource Teacher (DART) is to help facilitate the learning of Indigenous students and engage teachers in Indigenizing their practice.

  • For sthe student this means building relationships and uncovering learning opportunities  available to them both within and outside the school. (scholarships, programs, clubs, articles for the Canoe, etc)
  • For the teacher this means collaborating with teachers regarding the revised curriculum to help integrate and identify perspectives and approaches that align with the First Peoples practices.

Youth Workers
The Youth Workers assist schools, parents, and students in their efforts to develop positive relationships and effective communication methods. They provide individualized support for students as needed. Services are generally accessed through a referral from the student's school.

Cultural Workers

The Cultural Workers provide students and their families and teachers with support and cultural facilitation in the area of Indigenous studies.

  • Implements individualized and/or group programs in Indigenous studies.
  • Promotes Indigenous culture among the student body and a strong, positive self image among Indigenous students by various means.
GaylePrincipalGBedard@sd43.bc.caAboriginal Education
FrancesYouth Workerfbolton@sd43.bc.caNestor, Pinetree, Terry Fox
DawnSupport WorkerDaBrown@sd43.bc.caAboriginal Education
MeganYouth Workermcamp@sd43.bc.caMinnekhada, Miller Park, R.C. MacDonald, Mundy Road, Mountain Meadows, Pleasantside
CarrieYouth Workercclark@sd43.bc.caEagle Ridge, Walton, Suwa'lkh, Irvine, Glen, Gleneagle, Scott Creek
JoanYouth Workerjcouzelis@sd43.bc.caSuwa'lkh, Glenayre, Roy Stibbs, Harbour View, Parkland, Miller Park
RobResource Teacher (Secondary)rcowie@sd43.bc.caAboriginal Education
SamanthaYouth Workersdaniels@sd43.bc.caBirchland, Cape Horn, Cedar Drive, Alderson
Terri-MaeResource Teacher (Elementary)tgalligos@sd43.bc.caAboriginal Education
Kirk Resource Teacher (Middle)kgummow@sd43.bc.caAboriginal Education
Lori Youth Workerlhalcro@sd43.bc.caPorter Street, Ranch Park, James Park, Rochester
TarynYouth Workerthatch@sd43.bc.caC.A.B.E., Kilmer, Mountain View, Lord Baden Powell
DanielleYouth Workerdkraichy@sd43.bc.caCentennial, Maillard
DawnSupport Workerdmarks@sd43.bc.caAboriginal Education
AnitaSecretaryaszeto@sd43.bc.caAboriginal Education
EmilyYouth Workeretaylor@sd43.bc.caCentral, Citadel, Mary Hill, Riverside, Suwa'lkh
GaralineYouth Workergtom@sd43.bc.caCoquitlam River, Irvine, Maple Creek, Westwood
StephanieYouth Workerstwatson@sd43.bc.caBanting, Dr. Charles Best, Port Moody Secondary
RyanYouth Workerrywilliams@sd43.bc.caKwayhquitlum, Hillcrest, Como Lake, Montgomery

School District No. 43 (Coquitlam)

550 Poirier St, Coquitlam BC
V3J 6A7
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