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Resources: Glossary of Terms

The Glossary of Terms creates a common definition for terms used in the Land, Learning and Neighbourhoods initiative. This page will updated throughout the engagement process to clarify terms.

Capital Asset Development:
Each year, school boards are required to submit a capital plan providing details on high priority projects required within the three-year framework timeframe of the plan.  Eligible capital projects include the provision of new educational space required for enrolment growth, and the replacement or rehabilitation of existing school facilities that have reached the end of their economic and functional life.

Capital Needs:
These funds include capital funding for school construction and operating funding for ongoing renovations and upgrading needed to maintain the condition of existing capital assets.
Capital Projects:
The Capital Management Branch of the Ministry of Education assists school districts with capital investment for new and replacement schools as well as expansions and renovations to existing schools.

Learning Without Boundaries:
Learning Without Boundaries is both a product and a process. It is designed to anchor the decisions that are made each and every day in SD 43: those made at the individual level between teacher and student; those made at the classroom or whole school level; and those made at the district level.

Developing School District 43’s Learning Without Boundaries [LWB] has involved the collective wisdom of over 4000 individuals: educators, students, parents, district leaders, support staff and community members. What began as a simple strategic planning exercise soon evolved into something much greater, and more complex. Learning Without Boundaries is designed to respond to the ever-changing intricacies of Coquitlam’s public school system. It is not an end-point in and of itself; nor is it merely another plan.

Long-term Lease: 
Under the School Act, a long-term lease is defined as a lease which is 10 years or longer. This type of lease requires approval from the Minister of Education.

Official Community Plan:
The Official Community Plan is a comprehensive plan that guides the overall future of the Community and provides a broad framework for managing future change.

Capital Budget / Operating Budget:
Government accounting policies define operating and maintenance expenditure (as distinct from capital expenditures), and the appropriate source of funding for each category.  Projects that involve the creation of new assets or the replacement of existing assets qualify for capital funding support.  Many smaller projects involving capital improvements or renovations required to maintain a capital asset during its economic life are classified as operating projects, and do not qualify for capital funding.  Funding for such operating projects is provided from the Ministry’s annual operating budget.

Obtaining public feedback on analysis, alternatives and or decisions.  We promise to keep the public informed, listen to and acknowledge concerns and aspirations, and provide feedback on how public input influenced the decision.


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