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School District No. 43 (Coquitlam)
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Resources: Community Engagement Commitment

Our Commitment
The Coquitlam Board of Education will explore potential capital asset development through a transparent, inclusive and accountable process that engages the community.

Our Objectives
The Coquitlam Board of Education will:

  1. Invite the community into the process
  2. Balance the interests of the educational community with the interests of the municipality they also serve
  3. Identify clear criteria for decision making, which incorporates economic, environmental and social considerations for each capital asset and is in the best interest of students
  4. Develop and commit to an ongoing communications plan to ensure all information is shared and available
  5. Be strong advocates for appropriate learning environments for all learners
  6. Balance the interests of individual stakeholders with that of the broader educational community

Our Principles
The Coquitlam Board of Education is committed to:

  • Inclusiveness: invite the community to participate in discussion
  • Integrity: address public input in an honest and forthright way, and balance interests of the larger process with the interests of their own municipality
  • Transparency: as decision makers, ensure stakeholders and the public have opportunities to understand the scope, constraints and process for a pending decision
  • Accountability: demonstrate that the results and outcomes of the process are consistent with the commitment made to the public at the beginning of the process
  • Commitment: commit to first defining issues, followed by reviewing engagement with stakeholders, then summarizing information and research, and finally reporting on decisions

School District No. 43 (Coquitlam)

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