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School District No. 43 (Coquitlam)
Learning for a Lifetime
Board Members: Coquitlam

  Carol Cahoon

  Phone: 604-787-3435


Carol Cahoon is a 19 year Tri-City resident who resides in the Como Lake area. She and her husband are the parents of two children currently in School District No.43. Mrs. Cahoon is a member of the Soroptimist of the Tri-Cities and member and treasurer of Talk of the Town Toastmasters club in Coquitlam. She has served on Parent Advisory Committees (PAC), School Planning Committees, the Coquitlam Montessori Society as elected Chair and liaison for 8 years and is currently serving as Trustee Representative for the British Columbia School Trustees Association (BCSTA), Metro Board, British Columbia Public School Employers Association (BCPSEA) and English Language Learners Consortium. Mrs. Cahoon also regularly attends Student Leadership Council (SLC) meetings, District Parent Advisory (DPAC) meetings and regularly visits her liaison group of schools. 

Mrs. Cahoon believes all children should receive an excellent education, no matter which public program they are in, and have a sense of belonging and inclusion. Every child should be treated fairly and have equal representation for their educational needs.

A parent and business owner (Accountant, Licensed Investigator and Piano Teacher), Carol believes that the integration of openness, greater fiscal accountability, fair and equal representation will lead towards strengthening of the public education system.


  Chuck Denison

  Phone: 604-614-9772

Chuck Denison graduated from Engineering Physics and completed a Bachelor of Education with double type-A certification (Math and Physics). Mr. Denison taught high school where he developed and taught Grade 11 Scholarship Math with enrichment topics. He left teaching to become a corporate Project Manager and later a business owner.

Mr. Denison developed and presented leadership training to Student Leadership Council executive students and staff advisors, and was a workshop presenter at a Student Leadership Symposium. He has been a member of Toastmasters since 1985, achieving the designation "Distinguished Toastmaster" and received a provincial award for exemplifying Toastmasters ideals.

He was elected a Trustee in 2014. Prior, he served as Parent Advisory Committee (PAC) President, District Parent Advisory Committee (DPAC) President and on several District advisory committees. Mr. Denison currently serves on the Coquitlam Foundation Grants Committee, is Secretary of the BCSTA Metro Branch and a liaison with SLC and DPAC.

His wife teaches elementary school and daughter attends public school in School District No.43.




  Barb Hobson

  Phone: 778-772-0402


Barb Hobson was first elected to the Board of Education in 1996 and served six years, three as Board Chair. In 2014 she was elected for another four year term.

Ms. Hobson is known for her community volunteering. Her present and past roles include President of the Board of Place des Arts, Past President and Treasurer of the Rotary Club of Coquitlam, Vice-President and Treasurer of District Parent Advisory Committee (DPAC) and Director of the Coquitlam Foundation. Ms. Hobson has volunteered for many local organizations and served on more than 20 local and regional boards. In 2011, she was nominated for a Spirit of Community award presented by the Society for Community Development.

During Ms. Hobson’s career years she worked in various fields including education, technology and health care and retired from a senior administrative role at the British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT). She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Waterloo.

Ms. Hobson has been a resident of Coquitlam for more than 30 years. She has two adult children who were educated in School District No. 43.


  Diane Sowden

  Phone: 604-939-8973


Diane Sowden has served as trustee in School District No. 43 since 2005. During her time as trustee she has been the Trustee Representative for the District Parent Advisory Council (DPAC), City of Coquitlam/School District Liaison Committee, member of School District No.43 (Coquitlam) Safe Schools Task Force and a member of the Coquitlam Foundation.

Ms. Sowden has lived in Coquitlam for over 30 years and has 8 children who received their education in the district, including a child still attending secondary school.

Since 1995, she has been the Executive Director of a local non-profit, Children of the Street Society, which provides services for youth and their families. She has been a voice for an education system that meets the needs of all learners, by always putting students first, supporting staff and engaging all partners. She promises to work hard for the well-being and safety of all students and staff in our district.

School District No. 43 (Coquitlam)

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