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Superintendent's Letter: Fraser Health Notification Process Update

December 09, 2020

Superintendent's Letter to Families 12-10-2020 - Fraser Health Notification Update.pngDecember 9, 2020

Dear SD43 families,

Fraser Health has recently updated their COVID-19 exposure notification process and it is important that district parents and guardians are made aware of the most recent procedures.

As you are aware, there has been an increase in COVID-19 cases in the Fraser Health region.  A key component of reducing the risk of transmission in schools is case and contact management.

Parents and guardians have been inquiring about exposure notification timelines and the way Fraser Health is communicating school exposures.  In response, Fraser Health has made improvements in the following areas:

  • Earlier notification timelines by adding resources in order to reduce the time between receiving a positive test result from the lab and the school receiving an early notification.
  • Customized school exposure notification messages within the early notification letters so that individuals will have a clearer sense of their exposure level. An individual may receive one of three letters, including:
    • Early notification letter – exposed: Shared with individuals, cohorts and class(es) assessed to have potentially been exposed to a person with COVID-19. The letter will provide them with instructions to continue to come to school and to monitor for symptoms daily.
    • Early notification letter – not exposed: Provided to individuals, cohorts and class(es) not exposed at the school. These individuals may have been at the school during this time; however, the exposure did not take place in their cohort or class(es).
    • Early notification letter – general: Shared when a case is not attached to a specific class or cohort.
  • The new early notification process includes these steps:
    • Fraser Health receives a positive lab result of a student or staff member.
    • Fraser Health confirms that the individual attended school during their infectious period.
    • Fraser Health provides the school with three customized early notification letters.
    • Fraser Health provides the identity of the case so that schools can access the individual's attendance records and ensure the correct letters are distributed to the appropriate groups.
  • During contact tracing, if the situation warrants it, Fraser Health will send a self-monitoring letter to a specific group of individuals asking them to self-monitor and be vigilant for a set period of time.
  • In addition, a new Fraser Health School Bulletin has been introduced to indicate when case and contact management has been completed.  The bulletin will be sent to the entire school community and will indicate that unless an individual has been contacted directly by Fraser Health, they can continue to attend school.

More detailed information on the Fraser Health enhanced assessment and notification process may be found here: The school district will continue to post notifications on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Fraser Health will continue to update

Yours truly,

Patricia Gartland
Superintendent and CEO​

Superintendent's Letter: Fraser Health Notification Process Update

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