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Celebrating RAC Week (February 13-19, 2022)

February 18, 2022

Join the RAC Climate Change and Covid Caring Movement this RAC Week February 13-19, 2022! 

What is RAC and when did it start? ​

RAC stands for Real Acts of Caring and was created by grade 4 and 5 students in the Coquitlam School District in 2005.

RAC is doing something caring and kind and not expecting anything back. 

Our SD43 leadership students have been successful in convincing the provincial government to have a proclamation passed again which recognizes RAC Week, our seventh one

This year the focus of RAC Week is Climate Change and Covid Caring and we are encouraging as many students as possible all over BC to get involved in supporting this goal in a safe Covid way. 

Please see our RAC website for more information about RAC at:   

View pictures below of how some of our schools have been participating at RAC!

The entire Baker Drive Elementary Schoo made and hand-delivered Valentine's Day cards to houses in their neighbourhood. 

Some neighbours have even sent back cards to the school sharing how wonderful it made them feel and how they love the fact that the school is nearby.

Baker Drive 5.jpgBake Drive.jpg
Baker Drive 4.jpg​Baker Drive 1.jpg​

Baker Drive 2.jpgBaker Drive 3.jpg 

Rochester Elementary School staff sharing positive messages in the staff room. 

Rochester Elementary 1.jpg

Eagle Mountain Middle School sharing how they are showing kindness to others displayed i

EMM RAC 10.jpg EMM RAC 2.jpg EMM RAC 1.jpg​

EMM RAC 7.jpgEMM RAC 3.jpg 

EMM RAC 4.jpg EMM RAC 5.jpg EMM RAC 8.jpg

EMM RAC 6.jpg EMM RAC 11.jpg

Thank you Maillard Middle School leadership students for sharing kind messages at the front of the school.

RAC week 1.jpgRAC week 2.jpgRAC week 3.jpg

Porter Street Elementary School promoting RAC at school because spreading caring and kindness does feel good! 

Porter Street 1.jpg

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