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Asian Heritage Month Highlights

June 08, 2021

Asian Heritage Month celebrated in May was a month to recognize all the achievements that communities of Asian descent in Canada have made and continue to make. 

This year's theme was “Recognition, Resilience, and Resolve".

Below are some highlights of how we worked together as a district in building a more inclusive environment at school and in our community! 

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Trustee Lisa Park shared a memorable moment as an international student, introducing her homestay mom to the Korean culture. Together, they made fresh, homemade kimchi and sold this at the local farmer's market. ​

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The Gleneagle Culinary Program prepared a Philippine ‘comfort food’ called adobo in recognition of Asian Heritage Month. ​

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Students from our Language Instruction for Newcomers (LINC) class at Coquitlam Continuing Education SD#43 reflected on the theme of Asian Heritage Month this year: “Recognition, Resilience and Resolve”. Read some of their inspiring work as they share their experiences as newcomers to Canada!


Eagle Mountain Middle Learning Commons created a display highlighting Asian authors and illustrators. 

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20210525_155702646_iOS.jpg 20210521_163239789_iOS.jpg 20210521_190611671_iOS.jpg

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Textiles 9 students at Dr. Charles Best Secondary School learned about the sari, a garment traditionally worn in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Nepal. They then upcycled the saris into beautiful handbags that they've designed themselves.

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Gleneagle Secondary School Korean class studying the Korean Hangul (writing), dobok (traditional dress) and traditional designs.

Sogol 2_Pinetree Global Group.jpg Amrita.jpg
​Pinetree Global Group Club shared their thoughts online on “What it means to be Asian?”

korean rice cakes.jpg rice ball photo.jpg
Foods students from Dr. Charles Best Secondary School had a class on “Rice around the world”.

Students learned about “TTeokbokki”,  a spicy rice cake dish popular as a street food and also often enjoyed at home and to a Korean Rice Ball, often eaten as a light meal or an in between-meal snack in the Korean culture. 


Meet Taehee! She’s a Heritage Woods Secondary School student and a participant in the District’s Entrepreneurship Program. The District Entrepreneurship Program is a pilot program that helps students with developmental disabilities build employability skills through entrepreneurship.

Taehee is an amazing artist with beautiful penmanship and outstanding drawing abilities. She creates her own personalized cards, and with support, has partnered with a local business to sell them. She is also one of the chosen candidates in the Entrepreneurship Program to receive $200 to kickstart her own business.

Thanks to a generous donation from long-time community leader Maxine Wilson, Taehee was able to purchase card stock, envelopes, stamps, good quality markers, calligraphy pens and decorative boxes.
Through the Entrepreneurship Program, students like Taehee are empowered to follow their passion in their own unique way and, in Taehee’s case, support Asian Heritage Month.

Here’s a short video of her creating ‘Thank You’ cards in Korean, Mandarin and Japanese!

Special thanks to the Heritage Woods Secondary School Multicultural Club for helping Taehee with translations and to Sofia, her peer tutor, for supporting her with this initiative!​​

5 spiced roasted duck.jpeg 5 spiced roasted duck bao buns.jpeg Duck.jpg Bao Buns.jpg
5 spiced roasted duck bao buns
Black Bean Chicken and Broccoli with Chow Mein.jpeg ramen stock.jpg Tonkotsu Ramen.jpg
Black Bean Chicken and Brocolli with Chow Mein
Ramen Stock
Tonkotsu Ramen

Centennial Secondary School Culinary Program shared their favourite asian dishes prepared in their kitchen. 

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