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Gleneagle Secondary School hosts TedX "Fuelling the Fire"

February 14, 2020

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Gleneagle Secondary Con-X leadership students Jasmine Choi, Deon Feng, Phia Guan, Lucas Hung, Jiwon Hwang, and Olesya Kondrateva hosted the school’s third TedX event, “Fueling Your Fire” on January 23, 2020 at Gleneagle Secondary.

The planning committee called for an audition to select students, Maya Tharp, Peter Peng, Berry Yan and also industry professionals, Jerwin Bautista, Jess Tang and Kimberly Venn. Those selected inspired students and shared stories about their experiences in failure, resilience, teamwork and passion.

Trustees Lisa Park, Trustee Barb Hobson, former Trustee Maxine Wilson, MLA Joan Isaacs Coquitlam-Burke Mountain, Port Moody City Councilor Amy Lubik and administrators Kim Cuellar, Wendy Yu and Manjit Raj attended this event.   
Students were provided free tickets through the generous support of various partners including the Duke of Edinburgh Passion to Project grant and the SD43 Student Leadership Council fund.   

Lucas Hung, one of six Con-X Leadership students, shares his experience about organizing TedX Gleneagle Secondary below:​​

A shared value at the core of both our event and the bigger TEDx organization was empowerment; we strove to create an experience that would ignite a spark in attendees both during and after the event. So, it was incredible to witness the attentiveness with which they listened to the presenters. Some took photos of slides that resonated with them, while others jotted notes down. The energetic applause after each talk combined with the amount of messages and emails of support we've received since the event show that our audience members were able to find pieces of insight that they could take home with them, whether it be about developing their passion, being a more supportive leader, or using failure as a motivator to strive even further.

Looking back now, what we've learned from putting this event together has many similarities to the nuggets of wisdom the speakers were conveying to the audience. Perhaps it's that everything starts from an idea, a singular intention, a drop of water in an endless ocean. These ideas can evolve, growing and stretching in paths we never imagine them to go, but with each new experience comes a moment from which we can learn and grow. And with patience, purpose, and purpose, these crazy dreams can come to fruition.

Here are the links to our TEDx Gleneagle Secondary talks:

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