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School District 43 is proud to announce the new recycling program for School Year 2018/19

April 11, 2019

On April 1st, 2019, all 77 school sites within School District 43 implemented a new recycling program.

The new recycling program anticipates a reduced contamination rate in garbage disposal from 80% to 20%, despite an increasing amount of diversified waste products in schools.

recycling presentation_HWS.jpg

School Readiness for Recycling

Schools have been preparing for the recycling program rollout since November 2018. Three pilot schools, namely Smiling Creek Elementary, Minnekhada Middle School and Pinetree Secondary School, were also selected and tested to help prepare for the full program rollout.

Recycling information had also been shared to staff and students during assemblies and in classrooms.

In addition, School District 43 teachers Luke Modder and Brooke Wilson produced three recycling resources, a 5-minute video presentation, a PowerPoint Presentation and 3 levels of Cahoot games to help promote this initiative. 

Advantages of the Recycling Program

Most schools within the School District currently have cardboard and garbage dumpsters but the new recycling program will provide schools sites mixed recycling bins, organic bins and waste bins. A number of schools will continue to collect refundables in their buildings. All bins in schools will now also use coloured bags. Black will be used for waste, clear for refundables and recycling and compostable bags for organics.

Previously, the School District had also dealt with multiple vendors in collecting garbage and recycling however, this has been reviewed and streamlined to deal with only one vendor.

Craig Rietchel explains on behalf of the implementation team, "The new system allows for a much cleaner environment than what had been in place and has been proven by practice in other districts to reduce rodents and bugs."

"Schools have been doing a marvelous job preparing everyone to use the new system. Caretakers are getting prepared for the transition and learning about how the new system operates. Staff as well have been cooperative to be consistent in our messaging to all levels in schools."

"We're trying to mirror our surrounding community and districts and believe it's the right thing to do"

Congratulations to our Facilities, Caretaking, Maintenance and Purchasing teams that have been primarily involved in planning and implementation of this new recycling program! 

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