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Celebrate Real Acts of Caring Week - February 10th – 16th

February 13, 2019

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Doing something kind for another and not expecting anything in return is what Real Acts of Caring Week is all about!

How did RAC begin?

RAC week began at Central Community School in Port Coquitlam in 2005 when thirteen 8 and 9 year old students heard about the idea of having a caring and kindness week. They then decide to promote this idea at schools and around their community.

Years later, students continue to have proclamations passed recognizing February 10th to 16th as Real Acts of Caring Week.

This week, Port Moody students will be visiting the B.C legislature in Victoria for the proclamation. Learn more about their feature on Tri-City News here.

Below are some ideas from RAC organizers on how you can get involved in RAC week.

1. Enter our RAC contest for 2019 and win cash for your RAC Club! Email us at to share your high resolution RAC photos and story explaining how you celebrated RAC Week February 10-16, 2019.  Please submit a written entry no longer than 250 words to Harriette Chang ( with at least one photo of your RAC activity no later than Friday, March 8, 2019.  First prize is $300, second prize is $200, and third prize is $100. We will be contacting all entries Friday, April 5.  We will also be featuring some of the best photos and winning entries on our website and annual poster which may be circulated around BC the following year.  Please ensure that your students have completed the necessary photo permission forms.  Good luck!

2. Watch our two RAC videos created by our students to find out what RAC is about:

3. Check out the RAC Ideas page on the RAC website for our favourite RAC ideas!

4. Lobby at your local city council meeting to promote awareness of RAC Week to your community.

5. If you are an educator, google 'kindness lesson plans' to find some great ideas to teach in your students in your classroom and or school.  Always remember to encourage your students to REFLECT on their RAC experience afterwards.  Ask them how 'RAC'ing made them feel.

Follow @realactsofcaring on Facebook and @realactsofbc on Twitter. 

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