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Blakeburn Elementary unveils innovative new four-classroom addition

June 22, 2017

​Blakeburn Elementary held a special opening ceremony on Thursday, June 22 to unveil their innovative new four-classroom addition.

Principal Andrea McComb presided over the event attended by SD43 Board Chair Kerri Palmer Isaak, Vice-Chair Carol Cahoon, trustees Chuck Denison, Barb Hobson, Judy Shirra, Diane Sowden and Michael Thomas, Superintendent Patricia Gartland, other district leadership, school staff, students, parents, City of Port Coquitlam dignitaries, project architects and contractors,  and many others. 

Speeches were made to the many attendees by SD43 Board Chair Kerri Palmer Isaak, SD43 Superintendent Patricia Gartland, Principal McComb, and students. The event also included musical entertainment and tours.

An innovative  modular, steel structure, the four-classroom addition helps address the growth and change to the region in an innovative manner. The addition creates an additional 100 spaces of capacity for the school to help support the increased enrolment as a result of the Dominion Triangle neighbourhood development.

SD43 educators and Facilities team members worked with DA Architects and Exo Systems (the contractor team) to design classrooms that support best practice educational research which includes the incorporation of lots of natural light, acoustical design as well as muted colours and natural wood in the learning spaces. Storage and washrooms were also included so that they would be in close proximity to the classrooms.

Spaces were designed to be open and flexible to encourage 21st century learning skills such as collaboration and critical thinking. As an example, the cloakroom area is designed to double as a reading or small group work area.


From L to R: SD43 Trustee Michael Thomas, Assistant Secretary-Treasurer Ivano Cecchini, Trustee Judy Shirra, Principal of Facilities Initiatives Devon Ross, Blakeburn Elementary Principal Andrea McComb, Manager of Projects Rimon Estawro, Trustee Barb Hobson, EXO Vice President Carl Philibert, Vice-Chair Carol Cahoon, City of Port Coquitlam Manager of Building Shawn Hagan, Superintendent Patricia Gartland, Board Chair Kerri Palmer Isaak, EXO Lead Designer and Project Coordinator Jared Schmale, Trustee Chuck Denison, DA Architect James Kao, and Trustee Diane Sowden pose in front of the new Blakeburn Elementary four-classroom addition.


SD43 Board Chair Kerri Palmer Isaak delivers the key to the new four-classroom addition to Superintendent Patricia Gartland.


SD43 Superintendent Patricia Gartland passes the key to the new four-classroom addition to Blakeburn Elementary Principal Andrea McComb.


The platform party is introduced to Blakeburn Elementary School students at the official ceremony unveiling the new four-classroom addition.

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