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Learning for a Lifetime

The Digital Citizenship website was created as a response to a district need regarding responsible digital tool use in schools, and the expectations around the use of those tools in an academic setting and a school community in general. This included analysis of a wide variety of national and international documents (see reference list), examination of relevant BC curriculum and policy documents, and consultation with teachers, administrators, and students who collaborated to form this framework.

Three themes emerged from these conversations that needed to be addressed: educational approach, clarity of district policy and access to digital resources.

Therefore, this website is a synthesis, which summarizes and re-organizes key information in order to help administrators , teachers and students gain clarity about their rights and responsibilities in a school setting,  and help promote a socially responsible digital culture.

The framework is divided under four key headings: privacy, copyright, use and access, and behavioural expectations when using digital tools in an educational setting.  The purpose of these guidelines is as follows:       

  • To empower students* in their use of digital resources.
  • To educate students* in the lawful use of digital resources.
  • To protect students* while in our care and custody.​

In British Columbia, the framework for social responsibility provides educators, students, and families with a common set of expectations for student development in four categories.

Contributing to the classroom and school community
  • sharing responsibility for their social and physical environment
  • participating and contributing to the class and to small groups

Solving problems in peaceful ways

  • managing conflict appropriately, including presenting views and arguments respectfully, and considering others’ views
  • using effective problem-solving steps and strategies

Valuing Diversity and Defending Human Rights

  • treating others fairly and respectfully; showing a sense of ethics
  • recognizing and defending human rights

Exercising Democratic Rights and Responsibilities

  • knowing and acting on rights and responsibilities (local, national, global)
  • articulating and working toward a preferred future for the community, nation, and planet—a sense of idealism



School District No. 43 (Coquitlam)

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