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Copyright Index


  • “ ‘copyright’ means the legal protection of a copyright owner’s work. Copyright law does not protect ideas, only the form in which they are expressed” - AP 190.
  • “ ‘copyright infringement’ means publishing, adapting, exhibiting, translating, editing, performing in public, communicating by telecommunication, copying, or converting to another medium without permission of the copyright owner” - AP 190.
  • “ ‘works covered by copyright’ mean all original literary, dramatic, musical, and artistic works for which the copyright owner’s term of rights has not expired.” - AP 190.


  • “The District believes in the rights of copyright owners and expects staff members to be aware of and uphold these rights as required by the Copyright Act…the District will not accept responsibility for a staff member who willfully and knowingly contravenes the Copyright Act or who copies materials without permission of a copyright owner excluded from the Access Copyright agreement.” - AP 190.
  • “Staff members will not be required by their supervisors to perform any service that is a violation of the copyright administrative procedure.” - AP 190.
  • “All videocassette and DVD players, photocopiers, and computers should be labeled to identify clearly what constitutes copyright infringement under law and the Access Copyright agreement” - AP 190.

Ownership of Copyright:

  • “The District owns copyright in any works produced by a staff member in the course of his/her employment.” - AP 190.
  • “Users are advised that computer systems (and files/records including email records) are District property...” - AP 140.
  • “Students own the copyright on anything that they create and parental permission to reproduce, perform, or communicate their work should be obtained if the student is under 16. Student permission is required if the student is 16 or over. Permission is not required to display student work within the school. Permission is required to display student work outside of the District” - AP 190.

Allowable content:

  • “It is not an infringement of copyright for schools, students, or staff members to reproduce, perform, and communicate works as allowed under law and the Access Copyright agreement” - AP 190.
  • Allowable areas are explicitly listed in AP 190, section 3; 3.1-3.6.
  • “Works covered by copyright may [otherwise] only be reproduced for District office, class, or school use with oral or written permission from the copyright owner or if copying of the works is covered by the agreement entered into with Access Copyright on behalf of the District by the British Columbia Ministry of Education” - AP 190.

Process for Receiving Oral or Written Permission:

  • Print/magazine/photocopying: process is explicitly listed in AP 190, section 4.
  • Video/digital video/broadcasts (e.g. movies, television, YouTube) materials: process is explicitly listed in AP 190, section 5.
  • Software/Internet (e.g. digital text, online encylopedias, websites: process is explicitly listed in AP 190, section 6; also AP 140, section 8.
  • Email: mentioned in AP 140, 8.3.3
  • Live performances/sound/music/radio (e.g. analogue and digital): process is explicitly listed in AP 190, section 7.
  • Materials in the public domain (copyright does not apply): definition and process is explicitly listed in AP 190, section 8.
  • Note: scanning is not addressed in the current Copyright Act.

In-Service and Review:

  • “Copyright in-service sessions shall be offered to all staff members, to ensure they are made aware of Copyright Law, the Access Copyright agreement and this administrative procedure” - AP 190.

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