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Learning for a Lifetime
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TALONS: Learning for the 21st Century



Þ Making decisions about your learning & doing self-directed studies

Þ Learning alongside other learners who share your interests and ability level

Þ Being challenged in your areas of interest and strength

Þ Participating in (outdoor) leadership to expand your learning outside the classroom by going on outdoor adventure, field trips and volunteering in the community in your interest areas

The TALONS Program is a unique program in the Coquitlam School District, tailored to gifted learners in grades 9 to 12. The following core academic subjects, Math 9-11, Sciences 9-10, Life Sciences 11, Chemistry 11, English 9-10 and Social Studies 9-10, and IDS 11 and 12 feature opportunity for enrichment at the honours level. We also accelerate, compact and telescope these curricula to make them a better fit for gifted learners and free up extra time for more in-depth and independent investigations. As the future continues to require that learners are autonomous, understand their strengths and how to realize their potential, TALONS learners follows the Betts Autonomous Learner Model to meet the cognitive, emotional and social needs of gifted learners.

The TALONS Program facilitates the personal growth and development of the individual learner. TALONS learners develop and incorporate their own knowledge and skills, learn independently and apply this knowledge to the entire scope of their learning experience and to their life. The class enacts a learning community which aids each learner in becoming an Autonomous Learner, defined as one who solves problems and develops new ideas and higher level thinking, functioning with minimal guidance in selected areas of endeavor. TALONS learners engage in the following Autonomous Learner Model stages:

  • Understanding your giftedness & potential.
  • Connecting with other learners of high ability.
  • Developing learning skills and interpersonal skills.
  • Investigating possible career interests.
  • Completing several mini in-depth studies, one eminent person project and one long-term in-depth study.
  • Participating in cultural activities, community service learning opportunities and outdoor recreation.
  • In the remaining blocks TALONS learners have access to their electives.

 What does the TALONS Program look like?

1.      TALONS learners take four core courses, Math 9, Science 9, English 9 and Social Studies 9 at a honours accelerated, compacted and telescoped level.

2.      In (outdoor) Leadership 10, Grade 9 TALONS learners plan, implement and evaluate community service learning projects, cultural events, complete various certifications (e.g. First aid, canoeing, kayaking) and participate in retreat, adventure trip and one day fieldtrip(s) during their existing TALONS blocks as well as during evenings and weekends. Thus, this course requires a commitment beyond regular school hours and a financial commitment to cover all related costs.

3.      In Grade 10 TALONS learners take six courses, Math 10, Science 10, English 10, Social Studies 10, Career Life Education 10 and (outdoor) Leadership 11 at an honours accelerated, compacted and telescoped level. 

4.      TALONS will now extend to a third year and even a fourth year! TALONS learners in grades 11-12 can select TALONS courses in which they will be able to succeed, including Independent Directed Studies 11-12, Life Sciences 11, Chemistry 11 , (Outdoor) Leadership 12, Urban Studies 12, Social Justice 12, Geometry 12, Statistics 12, Environmental Sciences 12,​ and History of Math 11.  The Autonomous Learner Model will now extend into senior years, addressing the needs of gifted learners. Although priority for placement into TALONS blocks will go to past grade 9 and 10 TALONS learners, if space is available other gifted learners will be able to take TALONS courses, too.

Visit TALONS @ GLENEAGLE for more information.



Click here to register for the 2020 TALONS Info Night


 Application is by invitation only.  


1.     Student must complete this Talons Achievement survey.

TALONS achievement survey 2020.pdf

  1. Open it.
  2. Save it (add your last name to the beginning of the title of the document).
  3. Open it in Adobe Acrobat.
  4. Complete it.
  5. Save it as a pdf

2.     Student are responsible for asking two academic middle school teachers (one of which must be a grade 8 teacher) to be their referees, as soon as possible, after the Information Night.  If they are not SD43 teachers, please email Robyn Chambers with their name and email address. Reference form here​.

3.   Online application - parents & student complete.

4.  Email the following to both Robyn Chambers and Quirien Mulder ten Kate:

  1. TALONS Achievement Survey (.pdf)
  2. IEP (word document)
  3. Reports (last Grade 7 and grade 8 with attendance info) (.pdf - no pictures please)
  4. Second designation IEP if applicable.

DEADLINE - Jan 15th, 2020 by 1 p.m.

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