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School District No. 43 (Coquitlam)
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Elementary Zone Challenge Centres


In the SD #43 District Zone Challenge Centres, located at Eagle Ridge, Mundy Road and Birchland. Specialist teachers offer approximately 10 morning or afternoon sessions three times a year to students in Grades 3 to 5, identified as gifted as per District and Ministry guidelines. Each Zone Challenge Centre also offers one session per term for Grade K-2 students who may not be formally identified. The purpose of the Challenge Centre sessions is to provide groups of similarly able students with high-level learning opportunities of an intellectual, creative and social nature. These sessions are intended to supplement programs already in place in neighborhood schools and may be included as part of a student's Individual Education Plan. Students are referred to sessions by school-based personnel. Parents arrange transportation.   

Example of the Types of Programs Offered to our Intermediate Students

Eagle Ridge Challenge Centre

Birchland Challenge Centre

Mundy Road Challenge Centre

Fall (October to December)

Engineering Challenges Gr. 3/4/5  

Engineering Challenges Gr. 3/4 /5

 Lego 1 Gr. 3/ 4/ 5

Hypercard Beginners Gr.3/4/5

Games, Puzzles and Problems Gr. 3/4

Forensics  1Gr. 3/4/ 5

iMovie Gr. 4/5

Twilight Gr. 4/5

Art and Technology 1 Gr. 3/4/ 5

Fantastic Flying Machines Gr.4/5

Who is the Greatest Canadian?? Gr. 4/ 5

Art and Technology 2 Gr. 3/4/ 5

Film School Gr. 4/5

Winter (January to March)

HyperCard Beginners Gr. 3/4/5

The Artifact Box Gr. 4/5

 Forensics 2 Gr. 3/4/ 5

Kaleidoscope of Colour Gr3/.4/5

Messing with Science Gr. 3/4/ 5

Girls Only Lego Gr. 3/4/5

Writers' Group Gr. 3/4/5

AnimationGr. 3/ 4/5

Masks Gr. 4/ 5

Odyssey of the Mind Gr. 3/4/5

 Odyssey of the Mind Gr.3/4, 5

OM  Gr. 3/4/ 5

Spring  (April to June )

HyperCard Advanced Gr. 3/4/5

Messing with Science Gr. 3/4/  5

 Messing with Science Gr. 3/4

Thinking Like a Researcher Gr. 3/4/5

Codes Gr. 3/4/ 5

Animation Gr. 3/4/ 5

Gadgets & Gizmos Gr. 3/4/5

Fantastic Flying Machines Gr. 3/4/ 5

Animation Gr. 3/4/ 5

Art & Technology Gr. 4/5

All the World's a Stage Gr. 4 /5

Photography Gr. 4/ 5

Lego 2 Gr. 4/5














Note: Sessions may vary from those listed here

Primary Zone Challenge Centre sessions focus on Creative Problem Solving using various themes to challenge the younger students.

Click here to see a listing of feeder schools for each Zone Challenge Centre.

School District No. 43 (Coquitlam)

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