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Superintendent's Message Regarding Hazel Trembath Elementary

October 15, 2023

As you have likely heard, Hazel Trembath Elementary school in Port Coquitlam has been devastated by a fire that started in the early hours of Saturday, October 14. Fortunately, no one was injured but the loss to the community is immeasurable.

The school was named for Hazel Trembath, who began her 42-year teaching career in Port Coquitlam in 1924 when she joined the staff of Central Elementary. Ms Trembath left a legacy of lifelong learning in the community that the current students and staff continue to uphold today. While the loss of their school is very sad, the community has already begun to rally around and support each other through this difficult time. A community meeting for the families of Hazel Trembath was held Saturday evening to allow time to grieve the loss of their school building and support each other in their healing.

District leadership, in cooperation with the principal and staff of Hazel Trembath have been working to enact solutions to support the students since news of the fire broke. The district hopes to keep the learning community of Hazel Trembath together and have a space prepared for them to return to school as quickly as possible. Processes have also been put in place to ensure Hazel Trembath teachers have resources and materials required to continue with lessons and provide stability and continuity for their young students.

The school is extremely appreciative of the outpouring of resource donation offers received.  However, it is important to provide the staff an opportunity to take stock of resources available and identify specific deficiencies prior to accepting further donations to ensure the accumulation of donations does not become an unintended burden.  To this end, the district has assigned staff to oversee the resourcing process in a way that responds directly to classroom needs.  If you are keen to assist further, you are best able to do so by providing a financial donation and may do so through the SD43 Education Foundation by visiting their website at  Donating through the SD43 foundation ensures 100% of contributions support the Hazel Trembath school community.

Dealing with this event will not be easy for the students, staff, and community of Hazel Trembath, but with support, they will continue to thrive, and they will overcome this loss.


Patrica Gartland

School District No. 43 (Coquitlam)

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