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Mandarin Test
​The Mandarin Bilingual program is a Program of Choice that enables students to :
  • Develop oral comprehension and fluency in both English and Mandarin
  • Develop the ability to read and write Chinese
  • Gain an understanding of Canadian and Chinese cultures
  • Develop knowledge and appreciation for diverse cultures while learning a second language
  • Complete the requirements of the BC Curriculum
  • Students develop their knowledge of other cultures and the program helps prepare students for the global economy

The Mandarin Bilingual Program provides students with instruction in both English and Mandarin.

Regardless of their first language, the elementary program offers all students the possibility of completing 50 percent of the prescribed B.C. curriculum in Mandarin and 50 percent of the prescribed B.C. curriculum in English.

Subjects taught in English are :

  • English Language Arts
  • Social Studies
  • Science
  • Fine Arts

Subjects taught in Mandarin are :

  • Chinese Language Arts​
  • Mathematics
  • Health and Career Education
  • Physical Education

Simplified Chinese script will be introduced in Kindergarten. The Hanyu Pinyin pronunciation system will be taught to accelerate the process of learning to read Chinese.​​

Which schools offer the Mandarin Bilingual Program?

Walton Elementary School


Scott Creek Middle School


Gleneagle Secondary School


Application Process for Mandarin Bilingual Program?

  • ​Children entering Kindergarten in September 2021 must apply through the programs of choice online. ​
  • If applying for Mandarin Bilingual Program at the Grade 1 level, parents should contact the school directly and should not apply online. ​​​
  • Kindergarten children with siblings in the program still apply online and will be given highest priority (provided the sibling will be enrolled in the Mandarin Bilingual Program at Walton Elementary School in the following school year), if space is available. Please clearly identify sibling status on the online application form.
  • Applications are processed by RANDOM DRAW. 

To register for:

Mandarin Bilingual Program for September 2021
Apply on the main page of our website, starting ​Thursday, January 7, 2021 at 9 a​.m. to Wednesday, January 13, 2021 at 4 p.m. ​​

For more information, contact:

Ms. Sophie Bergeron,
Language and Culture Coordinator

1100 Winslow Avenue
Coquitlam, BC V3J 2G3
 604 937 6392



  • Q1. Are most of the children in the program native Mandarin speakers? [+]

    ​No.  Most of our students report they are not native Mandarin speakers at home. There is no screening done since we are still a public school. Research shows that mixing native and non-native speakers can have long term benefits in a bilingual program. (Padilla, Fan, Xu, Silva, 2013)​

  • Q2. Is the Mandarin Bilingual program similar to French Immersion? [+]

    ​Yes and no. The children do learn a language other than English. Unlike French Immersion, the children learn 50% Chinese and 50% English throughout the school year.​

  • Q3. What if my child doesn’t like the program? Can they switch to the regular English Program? [+]

    ​Yes, the student will be allowed to switch to the regular English program depending on the enrollment numbers in the neighbourhood English program.  This switch typically occurs at the beginning of a new school year.

  • Q4. Would my child be bilingual by the end of the program? [+]

    ​The outcome will be different based on individual student. It really depends on the level of commitment, time, participation in the class, and interaction with peers. Each child has his/ her own unique learning style.

  • Q5. How can I help? My child and do I need to speak Mandarin. [+]

    ​Knowledge of Mandarin is not expected. Students are expected to acquire the language through input from class activities and instructions. Therefore, class participation is very important for students to succeed in the program. However, there are many other ways to assist your child in learning this second language. Little steps of progress can be celebrated with your child at home. Learn with your child by asking him/her to share with you what they learned at school. We are very fortunate to live in a multicultural city where a lot of ongoing cultural events. Take your child to different cultural activities and encourage them to speak the language.


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