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School District No. 43 (Coquitlam)
Learning for a Lifetime
Youth Parent Program

Program Description

The Coquitlam Youth Parent Program, housed at C.A.B.E. provides an opportunity for pregnant and parenting youth to continue their education in a supportive and flexible environment.  The program has both an education component and an on-site infant/toddler daycare.

A teacher and youth worker offer students individual education programs and a variety of support services such as parenting and life skill education, health and child development.  Courses offered through C.A.B.E. include:

  • Core Grade 10 academic program
  • Core Senior Secondary Level courses, Family Management and Human Services offering and an extensive elective program

The daycare, operated by the Y.M.C.A., accommodates up to 8 infants and 12 toddlers (4:1 child-staff ratio).  Daycare subsidies are available through the Ministry of Children and Families; application is made through the Daycare Financial Aid Worker.

 Referral Process

Students may refer directly to the program (604-939-4522) or be referred by their home school, public health nurse or other community program.  Any pregnant or parenting youth living in the Tri-City area may be eligible for the program, providing the age of the child meets the daycare criteria.

 Entrance Criteria

Acceptance to the program is determined through an interview process with program staff to determine the applicant’s readiness.  The commitment of the youth's parent towards completing his/her education and a willingness to attend the program daily are key criteria for determining readiness.

Exit Criteria

Students may leave the program when:

  1. The student has successfully met his/her goal of high school graduation (Adult Graduation, High School Certificate)
  2. The student’s child no longer qualifies for the daycare due to age restrictions.
  3. The student chooses to withdraw.
  4. The student is unable/unwilling to meet the program requirements of consistent attendance and work effort.






School District No. 43 (Coquitlam)

1080 Winslow Avenue, Coquitlam BC
V3J 0M6
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