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School Psychology

Program Description

School psychology provides assessment services to schools on a referral basis. The purpose is to support students, school personnel and parents in meeting the academic, social and adaptive needs of students through collaborative consultation. Psycho-educational assessments serve diagnostic and planning functions for students. Information may be used to assist with goal setting, and selection of teaching and intervention strategies.

Referral Process

The School-Based Team, in collaboration with the school psychologist, determines if a psycho-educational assessment is required. Informed, signed parent/guardian consent is necessary. The School-Based Team is responsible for prioritizing referrals within the school.

School Psychology services will be delivered to schools on a rotational basis as determined by students’ needs. Past history has determined that the number of assessments required by each school can vary from year to year depending on demographic variables. The effectiveness of School Psychology service delivery is directly related to diligent pre-referral practices by the school-based team. The referral should clearly state the reason for the request and include pertinent school-based information such as file review, pre-referral assessment results, intervention strategies and interdisciplinary involvement. Schools are encouraged to work directly with the School Psychologists assigned to their school, in both the selection and pacing of appropriate referrals.

It is anticipated that most children in the early primary years will not require psycho-educational assessments in order to receive support services.

In accordance with Ministry guidelines, a referral to school psychological services is taken only after there has been considerable pre-referral assessment and pre-referral intervention. Emphasis on school-based problem solving should lessen the number of referrals for testing.

Psycho-educational assessment results are summarized in a written, confidential report, which is shared with the parent/guardian and the school-based team.

When a student’s test results fall within specific Ministry guidelines, it will be stated in the report.

Re-evaluation of psycho-educational assessments is done on an as-needed basis for programming purposes.

Outside Psycho-Educational Assessments

We follow the same guidelines as the Ministry of Education regarding the use of psycho-educational assessments from outside agencies and private practioners. These guidelines state that the practitioner must be registered with the BC College of Psychologists and/or certified with the BC Association of School Psychologists.

School District No. 43 (Coquitlam)

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