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School District No. 43 (Coquitlam)
Learning for a Lifetime
Nursing Support Services



  • NSS provides services to children in school who require Nursing Support Services provides services to children in schol who require specific health care procedures. They teach caregivers how to provide special health related care for a specific child, and provide direct care when necessary. Services may include equipment, nutrition, medication, nursing respite and/or support of trained teaching assistants in a school setting.


Delegated Care

  • Some children require specific health care procedures during their time at school that can be performed by a trained caregiver (SEA, TA, etc.)
  • Some examples of specific health care procedures include:
  1. Gastrostomy tube feeds
  2. Unstable seizure disorders
  3. Clean intermittent catheterizations
  4. Oral suctioning
  5. Pre-set oxygen administration

Direct Care

  • Some of the children who require specific care procedures at school will need a nurse
  • Examples of health care procedures that may enquire the skill and judgment of a nurse include:
  1. Ventilator care
  2. Tracheotomy care
  3. Total parenteral nutrition (i.e. intravenous nutrition)
  4. Complex neurological or metabolic treatments

3. HOW it works

  • The child is referred to the NSS program
  • NSS nurses complete an assessment and determine eligibility. If a nurse is required, a private nursing agency is contracted to provide care in school (direct care).
  • For delegated care, NSS nurses work collaboratively with parents to create an Individualized Care Plan for use by trained caregivers.
  • NSS nurses train, certify and monitor caregivers in the specific health care procedure(s).
  • Individualized Care plans are collected at the end of each school year for revisions and updating, then redistributed in September

4. WHO can make a referral?

  • Principals, teachers, parents, school nurses and caregivers can all make referrals.
  • Referrals can be made by contacting the public health unit, SD43 Learning Services Coordinator or through the school nurse
  • If deemed ineligible, NSS will refer to appropriate services

5. WHO is on the NSS team?

  • Nurses can be reached through the public health unit at 604-949-7200.
  • Public Health Nurses are available upon request to provide consultation to schools regarding children on the Medical Alert Program.

Medical Alert Program:

The Medical Alert Program states that "supervision and care shall be provided for students who have a medical program that requires, or might require, regular or emergency treatment".

  • Examples of conditions or procedures that might be on the Medical Alert Program include:
  1. Asthma
  2. Diabetes
  3. Seizure Disorders (Stable)
  4. Anaphylaxis
  5. Self Catheterizations
  6. Medication Administration

How "Medical Alert" works

  • Parents complete the Medical Alert Form and return it to the school
  • If requested, PHN’s provide consultation and support to families and school personnel regarding individual Medical Alert forms and/or the school’s Medical Alert System

Medical Alert Forms:

  • Medical Alert Forms are available from schools within the district
  • Each school is responsible for ensuring these forms are made available to parents
  • Parents are responsible to provide current and pertinent information

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