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Learning Resource Services

Description of Services

Learning Resource Services are school-based services designed to support classroom teachers and their students. Generally, learning resource teachers provide services to students who have moderate to severe difficulties (e.g. severe learning disabilities, mild intellectual disabilities) in learning and adjustment.

The learning resource teacher is a member of the school-based team who provides collaborative consultation, assists with pre-referral intervention, and works closely with teachers and the school-based team to plan for, organize and access support services for students with special needs.

Learning Resource Services Include (but are not limited to):

  • Direct remedial, corrective, tutorial or skill-building instruction
  • Adapted, modified or supplementary curriculum and materials
  • Alternate instructional and/or evaluation strategies, including adjudicated provincial examinations
  • Use of equipment, including computer and audiovisual technology
  • Social skills training
  • Learning strategies

Access to Learning Resource Services

Generally the student is presented for discussion at the school-based team meeting following consultation with the parents. According to the Ministry (refer to page C-4 Special Education Services: A Manual of Policies, Procedures and Guidelines), the school-based team can provide:

  • Extended consultation and possible classroom strategies
  • Planning for and coordination of services for the student
  • Access to additional school, district, community or regional services
  • Planning for and coordination of services in the school

Service Delivery Model

The Ministry suggests that schools, in developing special education service delivery models, ensure that "supports available to the students serviced are consistent with guidelines and appropriate to the needs of the student."

IEP Development

According to the Ministry, students with learning disabilities and students with mild intellectual disabilities require an IEP.

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