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School District No. 43 (Coquitlam)
Learning for a Lifetime
Gifted Education
Program Description

Gifted education programming is designed to meet the needs of students possessing demonstrated or potential abilities that are extraordinary or atypical, as defined in the District Superintendent’s Circular and Ministry Special Education Services Manual.

Programming for identified gifted students responds to both the cognitive and affective needs of the individual students and can cover a variety of options including the following:

    • cross grade/age grouping
    • acceleration subject/grade
    • extended pullout
    • clustering of students with a catalyst teacher. The well-established district professional development program, SHARP (students of High Ability in the Regular Ability in the Regular Program) focuses on cluster groupings in participating elementary and middle schools
    • curriculum compacting/telescoping/tiered assignments and other differentiation strategies
    • program adaptations


Identification procedures should include both subjective and objective measures of general intellectual ability, creativity and the personal characteristics of gifted learners. Multiple criteria from the following should be used to establish entry into services for gifted students:

  • observation of classroom performance, cumulative school history and student portfolios
  • checklists and inventories of characteristics of gifted children
  • information forms (self, peer, parent, teacher)
  • Formal test results as indicators of ability and aptitude (standardized cognitive assessment

Programming needs for gifted students should be determined by the teacher responsible for gifted education, (Gifted Education Contact) in collaboration with the parent(s), classroom teacher, student and the School-Based Team.

Coordinator of Gifted Education Services

The Gifted Education Coordinator provides the following supports to schools:

    • provision and organization of in-service opportunities
    • consultation regarding identification and programming
    • the facilitation of networking opportunities
    • the selection and circulation of resource materials

Service Delivery Model

The Ministry suggests that schools, in developing special education service delivery models, ensure that "supports available to the students serviced are consistent with guidelines and appropriate to the needs of the student." Please visit our District Gifted Education page for a more comprehensive look at our district’s programming options for formally identified gifted students.

IEP Development

According to the Ministry, students with exceptionally high capability and/or extraordinary abilities require an IEP.

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