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School District No. 43 (Coquitlam)
Learning for a Lifetime
Heavy Duty Equipment Technician


Occupation Description: 
Heavy Duty Equipment Technic​ian​ (HDET) ​means a person who maintains, manufactures, overhauls, reconditions and repairs equipment powered by internal combustion engines or electricity and without limiting the foregoing, including graders, loaders, shovels, off-highway tractors, off-highway trucks, forklifts, wheeled and tracked vehicles of all types used in construction, logging, sawmill, manufacturing, mining and other similar industry.

This trade may also be described as Heavy Mechanical Trades (HMT).

Application Process

November 1 to Spring Break
    • l​ook over all the information below and in the right column - get a good understanding of the pre-reqs, expectations, time commitment,    reading, math, trainin​g, etc
      • no questions... go ahead and apply for the program!
      • questions?... book an appointment with Benjamin King (district principal), to learn more
        • use the: Booking App, or
        • use the QR code in the right column
    • student completes the fillable "SD43 Application" (top link in the right column) by typing in answers and getting necessary signatures
    • submit to your counsellor at your high school

after S​pring Break to late April

    • Personal interview/conversation with Ben King at your school

​​mid-May into June

    • Ben King will:
      • email students conditional acceptances into the program
        • unsuccessful applicants will also are contacted
      • enroll the student at the training site(s)
      • ​​ensure counselors adjust students' timetables to reflect course/credits

Students: feel free to contact Benjamin via email ( or text/call (778-984-1354) at any time during the application process ​

  • topics that will be covered at
  • given those program​​ courses, students must have
    • completed necessary graduation courses, plus a plan for Eng 12
    • Auto 11
    • Auto 12
    • any other Auto or Truck experience (at home/work/courses/Work Exp 12​...)
  • strongly recommended: Metal/Weld 11
  • good literacy and numeracy skills
    • ​look at S​ample Readings in right column (will be similar at BCIT)
  • excellent attendance +​ lates record while in high school
  • ability to stand on your feet for extended periods of time
Time Commitment
  • various intakes: 
      • Oct 30, 2023 – BCIT 
      • Nov 14, 2023 – VCC
      • Feb 5, 2024 - VCC
      • Feb 12, 2024 - BCIT
      • Mar 4, 2024 - BCIT
    • intake sites and considerations:
      • BCIT
        • Monday to Thursday or Tuesday to Friday.
        • 6.30am to 2.30pm
        • 36 weeks (no Spring and/or Summer Breaks)
      • VCC
        • Monday - Wednesday
        • 7.00am - 4.00pm (9 hours a day)
        • ​​36 weeks long (no Spring and/or Summer Breaks)

    Student Cost

    • tuition-free, but students will need to pay about $1,6​00 for course materials, textbook, tools, UPass, etc

    Location​ & Transportation

    • VCC "Broadway Cam​pus" - 1155 East Broadway, Vancouver
    • BCIT "Burnaby Campus" - 3700 Willingdon Avenue, Burnaby
    • Transportation, to and from the training site, is the responsibility of the parent/guardian
      • Transit is probably the best transportation option 


    • General
      • Analytical, Coordinated, Resourceful, and Systematic
    • Key Job​
      • Repair & Maintenance, Troubleshooting & Maintenance, Coordination, Machine Servicing, and Knowledge of Machine Systems
    ​Student Eligibility
    • this program is made up different districts filling the 16 seats -
      traditionally Coquitlam SD​43 has had 1-2 students enrolled per intake
    • students typically take this program in their grade 12 year after taking all the necessary/core grade 11 subjects... and a plan for English 12
    • students must begin a program prior to June 30 of their graduation year
      • ex 1:  a Program begins in March and runs for 23 weeks - this is okay for a current grade 12 student​ to apply to
      • ex 2:  a program will begin in September ​after a grade 12 has graduated - that current grade 12 can not apply as they will not be accepted​​
    • must have government-issued photo ID (ex: a driver's license, BC ​ID, passport) that is current/valid on the β€‹ITA exam date (last week or so of program)​
    • on intake date, students must be:
      • a Canadian citizen or permanent resident, and
      • an enrolled student in a high school (non-grad) in SD43​
    • unfortunately, international students are not able to enroll in this program

    Have questions about this program?
    Book a meeting with ​Ben King
    Principal of Trades & Transitions​:​





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