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School District No. 43 (Coquitlam)
Learning for a Lifetime


Occupation Description: 
Carpenters build and repair a vast array of structures made of wood, wood-substitutes and other materials. Many work for construction companies, contractors and maintenance departments while others are self-employed. ​Carpenters assemble and erect forms for concrete, wood and metal frame construction and use plans and instruments to prepare for excavating and shoring. On smaller projects, they direct concrete placement, and install exterior and interior finish materials such as siding, doors, windows and cabinets.

Application Process

November 1 to Spring Break
    • l​ook over all the information below and in the right column - get a good understanding of the pre-reqs, expectations, time commitment,    reading, math, trainin​g, etc
      • no questions... go ahead and apply for the program!
      • questions?... book an appointment with Benjamin King (district principal), to learn more
        • use the: Booking App, or
        • use the QR code in the right column
    • student completes the fillable "SD43 Application" (top link in the right column) by typing in answers and getting necessary signatures
    • submit to your counsellor at your high school

after S​pring Break to late April

    • Personal interview/conversation with Ben King at your school

​​mid-May into June

    • Ben King will:
      • email students conditional acceptances into the program
        • unsuccessful applicants will also are contacted
      • enroll the student at the training site(s)
      • ​​ensure counselors adjust students' timetables to reflect course/credits
​Time Commitment​​
  • 1 intake: all of semester 2 (early February to late June)
  • 5 days a week
  • 7.30am to 2.00pm​

Student Cost

  • tuition-free, but students will need to pay about $450 for course materials, textbook, tools, etc

Location​​ & Transportation​

  • for 2024 intake:
    Terr​y Fox Secondary and BCIT "Burnaby Campus" (6 weeks):
    • BCIT = Ja​n 29 - Feb 2 (1 week)
    • Terry Fox = Feb 5 - Mar 15​
    • Spring Break = Mar 16 - Apr 1
    • BCIT = Apr 2 - May 3 (5 weeks)
    • Terry Fox = May 6 - June 27
  • Transportation, to and from the training site, is the responsibility of the parent/guardian
    • While attending BCIT, transit is the best transportation option
      (SkyTrain to Brentwood station, then transfer to bus for last stretch)


  • Woodworking 11 (and ideally Woodworking 12)​
  • good literacy a​nd numeracy skills
  • good attendance + lates record while in high school​


  • General
    • Athletic, Collaborative, Mathematical, Precise, and Tactile
  • Key Job 
    • Critical Thinking & Coordination, Hand and Power Tool Operation, Construction Site Layout, Formwork & Framing, and Finishing Materials​

Student Eligibility

  • limited to 16 students
  • students typically take this program in their grade 12 year after taking all the necessary/core grade 11 subjects
  • the Ministry of Education has allowed students to take this program after graduating, but they m​ust:
    • understand that first priority is given to a student applying for it in his/her grade 12 year​
    • talk to their counselor well in advance (early January of gr 12 - course selection time)
    • talk to the district coordinator well in advance (early January of gr 12​)
    • complete a 'transition plan' (see district coordinator)
    • have a plan of action​ between June (grad) and Feb (start of sem 2)
      • ex: take Drafting 11, do WRK in Trades, upgrade math skills,...​



School District No. 43 (Coquitlam)

1080 Winslow Avenue, Coquitlam BC
V3J 0M6
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