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Parents sometimes wish for their children to attend a school that is not their catchment school. In such cases, parents must first register at their catchment school.

School District 43 uses a random draw process for Cross Catchment Applications (using in-district priority, then out-of-district).

If enrolment projections show that space is available, Cross Catchment transfer applications will be accepted in accordance with the following priorities: 

  1. sibling of a child who will be in attendance at the Cross Catchment school in the following year; 
  2. ​​a child residing within the SD43 residential boundaries (could include private or homeschool); and
  3. non-school district resident child. ​​

The School Locator tool on the District web site provides a student's designated catchment area schools. Catchment is based on permanent home address. Student address must correspond to the address in the school's record system. 

There are two separate applications: 

  1. Kindergarten Cross Catchment  
  2. Grades 1-12 Cross Catchment (including a section to confirm sibling status)


Important Information About Schools at Capacity

A cross catchment application does not guarantee approval of the cross catchment request as many factors influence the number of cross catchment requests that each individual school can accommodate. 

For example, a number of schools are near, or have reached, capacity and it is anticipated they will continue to be in this position for the next few years. Be aware that the District can only approve cross catchment applications up to the current and future available space in any given school and students within the catchment have priority for placement.

*Coast Salish Elementary School will consider families from the Smiling Creek Elementary School catchment area as a first priority for cross catchment acceptance.*

Approval of a cross catchment application is only applicable to the designated school requested by the student and assigned by the District.

Changing levels from elementary to middle, or middle to secondary school, outside of the student's assigned catchment school requires a cross catchment application and approval.

​Application Process for Cross Catchment 

  • ​Applications will be processed based on the availability of space in schools and on a RANDOM DRAW PROCESS. (using in-district priority then out-of-district)
  • ​​​The a​pplication requires the student Personal Education Number (PEN) (can be obtained from your child's school or report card), child's birth date, home address, name of current or assigned school, and the name of the requested school(s). For students starting Kindergarten in September 2022, you do not need to provide the student number/ PEN. 
  • ​​ ​All Kindergarten students must be registered for Kindergarten at their catchment school between Tuesday, February 1, 2022 and Friday, February 4, 2022​ using the online form on their catchment school website. Cross Catchment Applications may only be completed after registration at catchment schools.​​​
  • Kindergarten students who have a sibling at a school outside their catchment, will be accepted at the sibling's school (provided the sibling will still be in attendance the following school year) and are requested to register for their sibling's school between Tuesday, February 1, 2022 and Friday, February 4, 2022. Therefore, Kindergarten parents do not need to fill out a Cross Catchment Application verifying sibling status. The exception to this is for a Program of Choice. Parents must complete the online Kindergarten Programs of Choice Application for siblings to attend the same program. Kindergarten children with siblings in a Program of Choice must still apply online.
  • Grades 1-12 students, who have a sibling at a school outside their catchment, will be accepted at the sibling's school (provided the sibling will be in attendance the following school year​). Parents still need to complete the Cross Catchment Application confirming sibling status.​​
  • Parents ​​will be informed by email about the results of the application some time during the first week in March. Successful applications will automatically be registered to the new school. Schools will contact successful applicants.​

​To apply for Cross Catchment:

Cross Catchment application forms can be accessed on the main page between Friday, February 4, 2022 at 9 a.m. to
Wednesday, February 9, 2022 to 4 p.m.​

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