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Core Competencies

​Core Competencies: The Foundation of Learning at Riverside

What are CC's and Why are they Important?

Core Competencies are the foundation of BC Curriculum and learning at Riverside. CC's focus on the development and acquisition of intellectual, personal, and social and emotional proficiencies that will enhance the learning process and life-long learning. They are woven into the curriculum and are already naturally embedded in how we learn each and every day. Through mindful self-reflection and self-assessment, and capturing evidence of learning, students will be able to have a deeper understanding of how they learn most effectively and develop stronger learning skill sets.

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Core Competencies | Career Life Connections | Capstone: The Riverside Way

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Riverside CC's Self Assessment Document 

Riverside CC's Self Assessment Document

Riverside CC's Self Assessment Document


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For More Information

What are Core Competencies (BC Ministry of Education)

Curriculum Orientation Guide (BC Ministry of Education)

Creative Thinking - Getting to Know Me (Fillable).pdf
6/3/2019 2:45 PMGee, Bryan
Creative Thinking Prompts - Getting to Know Me (Fillable).docx
6/3/2019 2:46 PMGee, Bryan
Creative Thinking Prompts - Growth and Strengths (Fillable).docx
6/3/2019 2:46 PMGee, Bryan
Creative Thinking Prompts - Growth and Strengths (Fillable).pdf
6/3/2019 2:46 PMGee, Bryan

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