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Les Rapides: French Immersion at Riverside

By continuing in French Immersion at the secondary level, students maintain and extend their expertise in French. Being part of a specialty program in high school provides meaningful connections for students with their French Immersion peers and teachers while fully experiencing all the other opportunities of the high school environment. 

Riverside's French Immersion program enables students to build upon their foundation language skills and develop greater confidence in using French with increasing precision and sophistication. Grade 9 courses provide a natural continuation of the middle school experience but the Conversation class is designed to support both Early and Late Immersion students in first semester prior to their Français 9 class in second semester. For graduation, students are also required to take one Socials Studies course in Grade 11 or 12. Riverside Secondary offers two such courses: History 12 (Histoire 12) or/and Comparative Cultures (Cultures comparées). 

Riverside is fortunate to have a wealth of digital resources that provide both teachers and students with a rich learning environment that includes on-line teaching resources, Skype in the classroom, teacher websites, and student use of laptops wherever possible.​

French Immersion students are also required to write the Français Langue Seconde Immersion 12 exam which has both written and oral components. Upon graduation, successful graduates of the full program receive a Bilingual Graduation Certificate in addition to the provincial "Dogwood" certificate. Students in Grade 12 also have the opportunity to write the international DELF exam to obtain the Diplôme d'études en langue française.

 French Immersion teachers: M. UrsuMme CyrMme Darbari M me LoM. TaoM. MacKenzie  and  Mme Langford.



 French Immersion Courses





This course is required for Grade 9 Immersion students.  Students will have the opportunity to practice their oral skills in a variety of creative ways in order to feel more comfortable with the language.  This first semester course will be followed with Français Langue 9 in second semester. 


The French language arts curriculum focuses on Communication, Culture and Society. Students will develop their skills in reading, writing, listening, speaking, and critical thinking while developing increasingly sophisticated grammar and vocabulary. 


The primary focus in Sciences Humaines 9 is on the growth of nations and democracy in Europe and North America in the 18th century along with the Industrial Revolution and its impact on global development. The course also covers North America's geography, the role and legacy of the First Nations People, as well as the creation of the Canada that we know today.


The French language arts curriculum focuses on Communication, Culture and Society. Students will develop their skills in reading, writing, listening, speaking, and critical thinking while developing increasingly sophisticated grammar and vocabulary. 


Sciences Humaines 10 will continue to develop Historical Thinking skills :historical significance, ethical judgement, cause and consequence, continuity and change and analysis of evidence. There will be more in-depth critical and creative thinking, development of citizenship skills and the preparation of students to take part in Canadian democracy. A much greater accent will be put on students' personal and social competency through which they will begin to develop an understanding about Canadian political and social issues. In history, they will learn about 20th Century Canada in relation to world affairs, such as the two World Wars, the Cold War; the Roaring 20s, the depression era, and our country's place in the United Nations.​


This required course is designed to help students develop the skills they need to establish goals and make thoughtful decisions in these areas: goal-setting, education planning, career development, healthy decision-making and financial literacy. 

FRANÇAIS 11 - Medias et communication numerique
Students will explore, discover, interpret and analyse the changing role and increasing influence of digital and print media in today's society. This course recognizes that digital literacy is essential to the development of the digital citizen and aims to bring students to think critically. Students will have many opportunities to demonstrate their understanding and communicate their ideas through a variety of digital media and communications.

FRANÇAIS 11- Langue et culture de la francophonie
Students will analyse how language and culture affect their personal perceptions and values. The class will allow the students to discover and explore the linguistic diversity and customs of the British-Columbian, Canadian and World Francophonie. The student will develop awareness of the diversity of the different Francophone communities. Through different themes, the student will practice their language skills and will investigate different areas of the Francophonie to deepen their understanding. ​


This is the course where everything you have learned in History and Socials comes together! BUILD A CULTURAL PROTOTYPE FOR THE YEAR 3,000, based on the cultures presented in this course. Comparative Cultures 12 presents, compares and discusses various cultures: France, Rome-Italy, Germany, Russia, India, China and Japan. We will investigate these cultures' origins and historical evolution, religions, customs and arts, their music and cinema and their current influences on the world.  The presentations of each culture will use ample video and audio examples, as well as a representative film for each.  All along this course, students will be involved in research, discussions, and debates in order to CREATE A NEW FUTURE CIVILIZATION, resulted from a symbiosis of the previous ones.​


The French language arts curriculum focuses on Communication, Culture and Society. Students will develop their skills in reading, writing, listening, speaking, and critical thinking while developing increasingly sophisticated grammar and vocabulary. Students are encouraged to take the International DELF exam (Diplôme d’étude de la langue française) and are required to sit the BC Provincial Exam in Français Langue Seconde – Immersion 12. 


This course has been developed to give students an opportunity to improve their French oral and writing skills and gain confidence in using the French language through their participation in a variety of communicative activities. Students will take part in discussions about various literary works where they learn to express their ideas and opinions. Finally, students will write, produce and present a French play to their school and to members of the Francophone community. The approach supports student skill development and encourages meaningful methods of demonstrating communication in French. 


This course offers students the chance to learn and practice leadership skills. Topics to be covered include organizational skills, communication skills, goal setting, leadership styles, event planning, motivation and group dynamics. The curriculum will vary according to the needs and the abilities of the group. There are opportunities to be involved in many community and school events.


It’s time you learned your way around the kitchen!  Surprise your family and friends with lots of delicious treats.  We have yummy breakfasts, terrific lunches, sensational snacks and delicious dinners on the menu. Principles of food preparation are introduced and applied with an emphasis on healthy food choices.  We start simple and work up to all your favourites.  Grab an apron and join us in Food Studies 10. Only one of Foods Studies 10 or Études des Aliments 10 may be taken for credit.  


This course is taught in French.  With a quick review of the basics, it’s time for some real taste treats.  Sticky cinnamon buns and fresh pies and pastry will test your will power. Meal planning and nutrition will provide the background to creating full course meals to tempt your palate.  Bon appétit!  Only one of Foods Studies 11 or Études des Aliments 11 may be taken for credit. 

PEER TUTORING 11 (Immersion)

This course is available to French Immersion students who have an aptitude for working with others, and top achievement in Français Langue, Mathématiques or Sciences Humaines. Students enrolled in this program must be responsible, possess good communication skills, patience, and appreciate diversity. A sense of humour would be an asset! Peer tutors may have opportunities for one to one tutoring and/or in-class tutoring. This program requires a time commitment outside of regularly scheduled classes and is strongly recommended for those students interested in a teaching career. A signature from a French Immersion teacher in an academic area is required.


This course has been developed to give students an opportunity to extend the language concepts and skills they have developed so far and prepare them for post-secondary language study. The course will also encourage senior students to synthesize the French language skills they have mastered to date and apply these skills in an intense oral milieu. Students will: gain a better understanding of the art of elocution; master the format and practice of formal debate; grasp the nuances of radio and TV programs; develop the ability to assume the role of toast master/mistress; conduct interviews; perceive the impact of body language and performance skills on oral communications; participate effectively in panel discussions; and, demonstrate facility in participating in sophisticated conversation which is the oral exchange of sentiments, observations, opinions, or ideas.


The course will explore the 20th Century World History from the immediate effects of World War I on the new geopolitical realities to the post-World War II global realignments of the economic, political, and social landscapes. Furthermore, History 12 will look upon the more recent events that shaped the world after the end of the Cold War and Canada’s role as a strong international voice of peace and progress.

History 12 is designed to develop the students’ ability to use historical inquiry, recognize implicit and explicit e​thical judgements, understand events and facts inside and outside their historical context, make reasoned ethical judgments, and assess the value of various historical accounts. Correspondingly, students are expected to achieve a high level of competency in elaborating minute analyses and construct solid syntheses.

The course is based on both collaborative and inter-active activities including: discussions, critical debates, projects, jigsaw activities, roundtables, brainstorming, blogs, etc.


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