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Art Courses Offered



3D Game Design is a hands-on experience on how to create your own 3D game. Participating students will be given the knowledge and training in modeling, animating, and designing their own 3D Game. 3D Game Design 12 allows students to explore any game design platform and/or genre. This course is self-paced and some game programming using C#. Course materials are provided online. Software includes the popular game design suite “Unity” and “Blender” used for 3D modeling. Students should take Media Design 10 before taking this course.


Students will learn the ability to identify, describe, analyze, interpret and make judgments about the visual elements and principles of art and design as used in animation. In Animation 12, students may choose to explore the curriculum in either 2D (hand drawn) or 3D animation. The course will be delivered in a way that simulates what is done in the real workforce at an animation studio and expose students to the skills that will prepare them for post-secondary.* Students should take Media Design 10 before taking this course.

ART STUDIO 10 (General Arts)  

With a focus on the elements and principles of art, you will develop your own personal style, your creativity, and increase your Art skills in a relaxing and supportive environment. This is the right course for the beginner and for the experienced artist who already knows how to draw and paint but wants to refine their skills and confidence for further Art studies. 

ART STUDIO 11 (General Arts) 

Art teaches us to think differently – it is the concert combination of creative and critical thinking. This class provides you creative practices that allow you to express yourself through a wide range of art methods. Projects may involve 2-D and 3-D practices that include assemblage, sculpture, printmaking, design, ceramics, drawing and painting. Whether you have planned a career in art or just want to be more creative and explore different art techniques, Art 11 will broaden your creative horizons and help you to start building your portfolio. 

ART STUDIO 12 (General Arts)

It is recommended that students have completed an Art 11 course prior to taking this course. In Art Studio 12 you explore concepts and methods that extend methods in drawing & painting, sculpture, printmaking, design, collage, and ceramics. The projects challenge students to create authentic images and work toward a personal style of expression. It offers senior students an enjoyable artistic opportunity within the schedule of an academic load. There is also an emphasis on a deeper understanding of the creative process, on Art history, on preparing an Art portfolio for post-secondary application, and preparing Art for public display.​


Film 11 is a hands-on course in filmmaking. Creating an audience-worthy film is not done “by the numbers.” It is done by immersion in the process and by knowing the “why’s” which teach the “how’s”. You learn by hands-on experience, trial and error, feedback and correction, and questions and answers. Students in Film 11 will be engaged in four main projects: montage, single location narrative, an action film and a semester end film. All of the basic film concepts will be taught and applied in this class. *Grade 9 students should take Media Design 10 before taking this course.


Film 12 students will learn about and explore the numerous visual, dramatic, and technical challenges that directors face. Students write, produce, direct and edit their own films. Unlike Film 11, Film 12 students are expected to have a good working knowledge of the basics of filmmaking. Students often work independently from the instructor through hands-on assignments and projects communicated through an online curriculum. It is strongly recommended that students take Film 11 before proceeding to Film 12.


Do you have an interest in photography, film, animation and game design? If so, Media Design 10 is the course for you. Using various media authoring tools and technologies, students will create graphics, images, animations, films and a video game for computer and handheld devices. This course is designed for students interested in Digital Arts, Media and the Entertainment industry sector. Students will explore various applications to create visual, aural, and digital projects as a means of creative expression.


In this course students will learn the basics of camera operations, proper composition, and digital editing (Photoshop). Students will explore photography from both a technical and artistic viewpoint, with emphasis on creating effective, imaginative, and dazzling images. Through image editing, students will explore artistic manipulation of their photos in the form of triptychs, collage, color correcting and more. This course is suitable for beginner photographers who has a curiosity and desire to improve their skills in a fun and creative environment.


There are no pre-requisites — this course is open to all students. You will learn when and how to change aperture and shutter speeds to get different photographic effects. Explore the art of portrait making, both outdoors and in the studio with professional lighting. Learn how to create exciting light paintings in the dark. Delve into the history of photography and make your own digital pinhole camera. Learn new photographic techniques that you can use in everyday life to capture interesting and artistic photographs.


Continue your photographic studies by learning about high-key and low-key portraiture, modern photographers, advanced photo editing, high dynamic range (HDR) photography, and the editing of RAW files. Students in this course will be given the opportunity to pursue individual interests in various aspects of photography and photo editing. Assigned projects will be more technically and artistically advanced than in the previous levels, including the application of studio lighting and advanced image composition. Students will exit Photography 12 with a professional-level digital portfolio. Students who have not taken Photo 11 may find this course very challenging.


Drawing and painting skills are the foundation of art and are used in areas such as computer animation, graffiti and tattoo art, and interior & fashion design. In this course you will learn how to draw realistically, to shade, make things look 3D, and to develop your own personal style. You will experiment with many media such as pencil, pen, pastel, watercolour, ink, and acrylic paint. This course is designed for students who want growth and experience specifically with drawing and painting techniques. Enjoy open-ended projects that provide freedom to explore ones’ own ideas and style. This course is valuable for students who are interested in art as a hobby, those who want to express themselves creatively and those thinking of a future career in the arts.


It is recommended that students have completed STUDIO ARTS 3D 11 prior to taking this course. In Studio Arts 3D 12 you will use the Art of clay and other sculptural media such as wood, wire, and plaster to explore inquiry-based projects. The projects challenge students to work toward a personal style of expression. It offers senior students an enjoyable artistic opportunity within the schedule of an academic load. There is also an emphasis on a deeper understanding of the creative process, on Art history, on preparing an Art portfolio for post-secondary application, and preparing Art for public display. 


Designing and building in three dimensions is the ultimate artistic challenge. Learn how to think and then build in 3-D using a variety of methods and mediums. Use found materials and others used in sculpture such as plaster, wire, wood and more, to create projects that speak to your personal creativity. Learn about clay techniques such as pinch, coil, slab, and wheel throwing in a fun and relaxing environment.  


Planning a career in science? In medicine? In Dentistry? Animation? All these careers and many more require that you understand how to think and build in three dimensions. In Studio Arts 3D 11 you will use the Art of clay and other sculptural media such as wood, wire, and plaster to explore inquiry-based projects. What can you imagine using? Let your creativity shine with this fun course that pushes your 3D art beyond the basics. 


Students must have completed STUDIO ARTS 3D 11 prior to taking this course. This course will give students who have learned basic hand-building and wheel techniques the opportunity to undertake extended studio projects. Further opportunities will be given to work in rigid materials and to make glazes. This course is for students who have completed Studio Arts 3D 11 and want to pursue further study in the art of clay.


In Yearbook 10 you learn both the creative and technical sides of photo journalism and desktop publishing. Students will learn digital photography, computer graphic layout and design (including Photo Shop), interviewing and journalistic writing skills. Yearbook students also organize and produce the annual “Winter Ball Photo Shoot.” If you love people, computers, or photography this is a class for you!


You will have an active hand in producing the Riverside yearbook. Both the practical and creative sides of photojournalism and desktop publishing will be covered. Students will be introduced to on-line page layout and design and Photoshop to create digital layouts.


In this course students will build on the techniques and creative skills learned in Yearbook 11. This course will allow students to take on a leadership role as they develop the main creative graphic, layout and pictorial ideas of the yearbook. Students will continue to master graphic layout design principles and techniques, photo journalism, caption and headline writing as they build the key thematic direction of the book.

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