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Clubs & Activities

In our continued commitment to the value of extracurricular activities, we offer several sponsored club and organizations that cater to our diverse student population and its need for social responsibility, individual interest, and even just plain fun stuff.

If a student wishes to start a club that is currently not offered, they may approach any Gleneagle teacher and ask them to sponsor the club.

Animation Club
Gathering Animation fans in Gleneagle.  Fan fiction (drawing, writing stores, etc.).
Mondays at lunch room 215
Sharing a common love for baking and sweet treats.
Mondays at lunch in room 223
Raise awareness on the amount of carbon waste produced by cars by taking the initiative of riding bikes.  We are totally environmentally friendly.
Every second Wednesday, beginning Sept 19th in room 211 and the great outdoors.
To meet others with an entrepreneurial mindset and gain business experience.
Thursdays at lunch room 201
To create a freindly place where SLGBT International students can meet, make friends,  and receive help getting used to the environment at Gleneagle.
Wednesday at lunch in room 225
Conversation Cafe
Wednesday at lunch in room 110
As our school has many students who are interested in various types of dance, we would like to provide them with a chance to learn, share, and perform. 
Fridays after block 5 3:45-5:30 pm drama room 131
To learn and enjoy official debate in an opening and welcoming environment.  We will endeavor to enter debate tournaments to enrich and enhance debating, critical thinking, and logice/problem solving skills.
Thursdays 3:45 pm and Fridays at lunch in room 110
Fitness on the Go (FOTG)
This club will allow members to pursue fitness without too much commitment.  For people who have too much school work or busy schedules that they cannot commit to school sport programs.
Tuesday at lunch outside on the field.  First meeting in Room 109
To improve and sustain a healthy environment on school campus.  We wish to raise student awareness on recycling, waste diversion, and ecological planting (school garden).
http://gleneaglegreen.teamMondays at lunch in room 204
GSA (Gender Sexuality Alliance)
GSA is a space designed to be welcoming for members of the LGBTQ community.  They all can come together in a communal space for discussion, activism, and overall a fun place.
Thursdays at lunch in room 218
H Y P E - Humanitarian Youth with a Purpose
Local homelessness relief - organizing blanket, socks, clothing drives, volunteer opportunities, and fundraisers, etc.
Wednesdays at lunch in room 114
To work on improvision skills, have fun, and hang out with people who have the same dramatic interests.
Wednesdays at lunch in room 131
Get your competitive streak on and compete against other teams.
To learn about traditional and modern Japanese culture.  We introduce, share, and discuss Japanese cultural aspects.
Mondays at lunch in room 114
An international student-led organization aimed at empowering youth through leadership and service projects.
Wednesdays at lunch in room 201
Math Contest
To challenge students with contest materials, prepare them for writing contests, organize Math Contest Award Night,......
Math Contest
To administer Math contests and provide resources for students wishing to participate.
Wednesday at lunch in room 208
Me to We
To help humanitarian operations within our community and around the world.  We are donating money to the We Charity from various school events that we organize.  Our club has been running for 8 years.
Thursdays at lunch in room 126
Model United Nations
To introduce students of our school to the world of Model UN.  For students wishing to attend conferences to explore the world of political debate.
Fridays at lunch in room 201
Movie Club
Formed in 2007 when Gleneagle moved to a common lunch, students meet in room 111 to eat lunch and watch movies on our 12' screen in 5.1 surround sound. Over the years we have done various movie marathons including The Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, and the Marvel cinematic universe.
To learn more about photography and to have fund contests.
Monday at lunch in room 112
To read, appreciate, and discuss a vast variety of poetry.  Students may write and show their own work if they wish.
Friday at lunch in Room 113
Rubik's Cube
To learn how to solve Rubik's cubes and  improve solving cubes.
Thursdays at lunch in room 118
We will be sharing information, helping with homework, doing experiments, reviewing videos, and elaborating on diverse science topics.
Tuesday at lunch in room 201
Skillshare members will be practicing public speaking while teaching skills related to their passions.  We will host a note-sharing site.
Meeting day TBA in room 202
Social Justice
To serve the community/school
Tuesdays at lunch room 112
Student Council
We will be running various student events , school spirit, etc.
Tuesday at lunch room 115
Take Action
To help international students with their potential problems of studying in Canada.
Thursdays at lunch in room 216
The Cutting Edge
Create a student publication (newspaper) to continue the legacy of The Edge and the student voices.
Tuesday Block 5 and afterschool
Wish Youth Network Society
To help students and their faimilies who have serious medical conditions .  We will hold events such as fundraisers, Christmas gifting, etc.
Friday at lunch in room 216
Youth Alpha
Alpha is a series of interactive sessions that explores the basics of the Christian faith in a welcoming and open environment.  Also, a place where you can come and ask some of the big questions of life.
Wednesday at lunch in room 202
Youth Wellness
To promote mental health awareness in the school community by organizing workshops.  We will invite professionals in to present as well as fundraise for mental health organizations.
Friday at lunch in room TBA

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