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École Riverside Secondary School
School District No. 43 (Coquitlam)
Hockey Academy

Course Synopsis:

This course provides the opportunity for goal oriented, motivated male and female hockey players to supplement their minor hockey experience and improve their hockey skills. Classes will be held at either the Port Coquitlam or Coquitlam arenas and be offered on timetable from approximately 7:30 am – 12:00 pm.

Course content will include the development of technical skills (power skating included), individual tactics, team tactics, team play/systems, strategy and off-ice training specific to hockey.  Further, a health and wellness component will be included.

Students will be required to have previous hockey skills (house or rep), a positive attitude and a commitment and desire to improve their skills. Each student requires a full set of CSA approved hockey equipment, including neck guard.

Hockey Academy Info   

Register at:

Or in person at Riverside Secondary School 8am-4pm school days.



This course has been designed to allow motivated and goal oriented student athletes the opportunity to supplement their minor hockey experience and improve their hockey skills during the school day. The average 14/15 year old minor hockey player averages between 1.5 and 2.5 hours of practice time per week. Due to the necessity to develop systems of team play during that practice time, minimal amounts of time are available to spend on the development and enhancement of individual skills. Taking advantage of the local ice that is unused during the day, this course affords students the opportunity to develop their individual skills that will enhance their enjoyment of the game.

Students will record their training in journals and these journals may be used for their Graduation Transitions Program.  By having students actively involved in the sport of hockey, during school hours will help generate school spirit and help develop positive attitudes towards school in general. Further, by increasing skill development, students will enhance their potential for enjoyment in a sport that will keep them physically engaged and help to maintain a healthy, positive lifestyle.

As well, the course seeks to inspire and motivate a sense of ownership and leadership towards the game through NCCP Coach Certification (entry level) and peer to peer mentoring.

BAA Hockey 11

District Name:                                 Coquitlam School District

District Number:                              #43

Developed By:                                           Mario Luongo and Darren Straumford

Date Developed:                              2009-05-07

School Name:                                   Riverside Secondary   

Principal’s Name:                             Scott Robinson  

Board/Authority Approval Date:     TBA

Board/Authority Signature:             _______________________________                    

Course Name:                                   Hockey 11

Grade Level Course:                         11

Number of Course Credits:               4

Number of Hours of Instruction:      120 

Prerequisite(s):                                        None

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