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Heritage Woods Secondary School
School District No. 43 (Coquitlam)
Technology Education

Engineering, Drafting, Architechtural Design, Woodworking, Metal Work, Manufacturing, Guitar Building, Boat Building and Robotics

Heritage Woods Secondary Technology Education program offers a variety of exciting focus areas and is designed for all students.  The introductory courses give grade 9 students valuable experiences to help make future program decisions.  While grade 11 courses are open to grade 10 students, taking a grade 9 course first is recommended as a way of exploring each area. 

Wood Design and Manufacturing 9

Students will learn how to safely use tools and equipment to design, manufacture and finish their own products. Students will work independently and in groups. The goal of the course is to have student develop their own ideas and create quality products of which they can be proud. If you enjoyed working with wood in grade 8, then this is the course for you! 


Creative Wood Design 11 (B/AA)

This course offers students an opportunity to gain experience woodworking while earning a fine art/applied skills credit. This course also allows students to leave school with some basic wood building skills and wood finishing techniques. Projects may include holiday craft making, cultural wood carving/building, coasters, chess pieces, jewellery boxes, woodturning and clocks. More experienced students may be able to build musical instruments, kayaks and small boats. Projects will be built with the finest quality materials and reduction of waste will be kept in mind at all times. No prerequisite necessary.


Carpentry & Joinery 11 (AS)

This course is available for all students who want an understanding of cabinet making and house construction. Students will learn a variety of machine operations and hand tool procedures. Projects include construction of a basic cabinet and a larger house framing type project. Although no prerequisite is necessary, Wood Design and Manufacturing 9 is recommended.


Carpentry & Joinery 12 (AS)

This course is developed to further your understanding of cabinet making and house construction. Students will perform advanced machine operations and hand tool procedures. Projects include advanced cabinets and a model house built to scale. Recommended prerequisite Carpentry & Joinery 11 or Wood Design & Manufacturing 9.


Carpentry & Joinery 12 (Cabinet Construction) (AS)

This course will focus on designs and developments of cabinets and display cases. Students will be self-directed and expected to use more than one design theme. Students will also learn how to install kitchen cupboards and cabinets. Recommended prerequisite: Carpentry & Joinery 11 or Wood Design & Manufacturing 9.


Carpentry & Joinery 12 (Furniture Construction) (AS)

This course will focus on designing and constructing fine furniture. Students will research and design furniture styles and create replicas or design their own style. Recommended prerequisite: Carpentry & Joinery 11 or Wood Design & Manufacturing 9.


Carpentry & Joinery 12 (Woodcraft Products) (AS)

This course will focus on the ‘hobby’ projects – clocks, coat racks, lathe work, hand carving, wood sculpture, etc. This may appeal to those who want to build the ‘smaller’ projects, as well as those who want to upgrade their basic knowledge of woodworking. Carpentry & Joinery 11 or Wood Design & Manufacturing 9 recommended.

Drafting & Design 9/10     

This course introduces students to the concepts of design and visual communication by developing skills in technical drawing. As an exploratory course, many areas will be covered including sketching, modeling 3D and 2D drafting and computer graphics. Half of the course is done with the aid of computers. Students will also have the opportunity to explore challenging areas of their own choosing, anything from Architecture to Fashion Design. This course provides an excellent set of skills to learn or develop for many career and life choices. 

Drafting & Design 11 (AS)

This course is similar to the 9/10 level except that as a senior course, emphasis will be placed on student independence and involvement in project designs. Basic hand and computer skills will be reviewed as well as computer illustrations, Solid Edge 3D design, architecture scale modeling and interior design. Students that have completed Drafting & Design 9/10 will work on challenge projects during the basic skills units. All students will develop an idea to challenge their interest with the help of the teacher that eventually contributes to their portfolio for graduation and career choices. This course is a must for anyone thinking about a career that may include drawings, presentations, scale models, or design illustrations.


Drafting & Design 12A (AS)

Drafting and Design 12A will develop advanced technical drafting skills. Students will work towards mastering 3D and 2D computer drafting skills, developing finished projects, and advanced hand drawing skills. Projects may include designing and manufacturing a personal logo and using it to enhance projects. Major projects include architecturally constructed houses, mechanical devices, and projects that utilize industrial applications. The intent of the course is to fully understand how units are arranged according to their functions, how they are joined, and how they relate to each other. The second half of the term will focus on a student directed “passion project” that includes applying their skills by designing and creating a product for at least one real client. Recommended Prerequisite: Drafting & Design 11A.

Energy & Power Technology 9 

This is a technology education course. The emphasis of this course is to introduce students to design, fabrication and assembly of projects. Students will learn the safe and correct techniques of operating forming equipment in the wood, metal and plastic areas. Students will learn basic drafting techniques, electronics, wood working skills, metal working skills and will have an introduction to plastics and basic mechanical concepts. Students will design, fabricate and race a gravity powered car. This car will have a metal frame covered with a plastic body. The last unit will be for students to work in groups to understand the function and repairing of small engines. Students will work individually and in groups to learn valuable communication and team building skills. This course provides a start for future technologists and mechanics.

Technology, Design & Invention, Engineering 9    

This is a technology education introductory course. Students enrolling in this course will learn basic skills in the following technology areas: design and drafting techniques, wood characteristics and shaping techniques, metal shaping techniques, introductory electronics and introductory plastic forming. Students will develop teacher guided projects in these technology areas. The drafting skills learned will assist students to design and develop the teacher guided projects. Students will design and fabricate their projects, starting with computer research, instrument drafting, and shop fabrication. Students will use skills learned in this course to design, fabricate and assemble trebuchets/catapults and a CO2 powered scale model of a formula race car. This course provides a great start for future engineers and technologists.

Industrial Design Technology & Engineering 11 (AS)

This course is set up to develop student skills in the disciplines of drafting & design (instrument and computer design), electronics, plastics, wood and metal. Students will be exposed to the traditional trades of welding (mig and stick), oxy/acetylene cutting & welding, and metal lathe machining. As well, students will learn wood product characteristics and how to work safely with hand and power woodworking equipment. Technology is intertwined in many jobs today and this course attempts to introduce students to the technology trades of electronics, plastic forming and metal bending and forming. Students will work in a computer lab learning skills in computer design (Solid Edge). The projects in this course are intended to assist students to develop skills, and the final project will be to challenge students to design, manufacture and assemble a swing bridge. Students that have completed the TDIE9 course will have a great knowledge and skill base that will allow them to further develop career developing skills. This course is open to grade 10, 11 and 12 students.

Industrial Design Technology & Engineering 12 (AS)  

It is strongly recommended students complete ID11 as a prerequisite to this course as students will build on skills learned in ID11. Students will learn trade and technology skills in drafting, electronics, wood, metal and plastics. Students will work individually and in groups to develop projects and learn valuable team-working skills. Projects in this course are more complex than in the ID11 course, challenging students to assimilate and apply trade and technology information. By the end of the course students should have a working knowledge of drafting, be able to use welders, metal and wood equipment, understand basic electronics and understand plastics and plastic associated careers. The final project in this course will be for students to design, manufacture and assemble a tower. Students will then subject their creation to a destructive test that replicates an earthquake. Students will experience CAD computer design software Solid Edge and electronics design software Edison. Skills students learn in this course are intended to help them make career choices. A field trip to BCIT is included to assist students understand post secondary education and to have a post secondary experience. This course is open to grade 11 students that have completed ID11 and to grade 12 students.


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