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Social Studies

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 Social Studies 9

This course further develops the skills and understanding from grade eight.  Both European and North American history from 1500 to 1815 is explored with particular focus on the development of democratic concepts from the English Civil War, French Revolution, and American Revolution.  Further areas of study include the Industrial Revolution, early North American explorers and settlement and Aboriginal peoples. 

Social Studies 10

Social Studies 10 continues themes developed in grade 9, but focuses entirely on the development of Canada as a nation.  The course studies the growth and development of British North America from the War of 1812 through Confederation and into the early twentieth century prior to World War I.  Topics include responsible government, achieving nationhood, and the development of the West, including Louis Riel and the building of the Canadian Pacific Railway.  Other topics include Canada’s and British Columbia’s economic relationships to the United States and the geographic regions of Canada.

Social Studies 11

Social Studies 11 examines Canada during the 20th Century, specifically from World War I to the present.  The course examines the political, economic, and social development of Canada with an emphasis on the knowledge, skills and attitudes essential for students to become more responsible citizens of Canada and the world.  Canadian government and contemporary global issues such as population growth and global warming are also studied. 

Civics 11

Civics 11 is a provincially examinable course that fulfills the Socials Studies 11 Graduation Program requirement. Civics 11 will enhance students' abilities and willingness to participate actively and responsibly in civic life.  The course will focus on government, law, rights and freedoms, their histories, and civic discourse and action.  Students will be provided with opportunities to voice their opinions, participate in simulations, and debate with others on civic matters – local to global. Upon completion, students should view themselves as more informed and capable citizens who are better equipped to make a difference in our community, nation, and world.

First Nations 12

First Nations Studies focuses on the richness and diversity of First Nations cultures in BC.  Students will have opportunities to develop an understanding of and appreciation for First Nations traditions, values and beliefs within historical, contemporary, and future contexts.  This course will be enhanced with presentations by guest speakers and through the use of videos and new resource materials.  This course meets the Social Studies 11 credit for graduation. 

Humanities 11 (Credit will be granted for English 11 and Socials11)

This is an exciting new course which provides students an alternative for earning their Social Studies and English 11 credits. The course integrates Social Studies and English curricula into one 2 block class, shared by two teachers. In Humanities 11, students view Canadian events through different lenses: historical, political, geographical, and literary. For example, during a unit on WWII and Immigration, students read The Jade Peony, by Vancouver writer Wayson Choy, and complete assignments that count for both Social Studies and English. This unique approach of studying parallel topics in two related subjects deepens student understanding and improves student learning. Join us for Humanities 11!

History 12

History 12 is an in-depth study of significant 20th century world affairs that have shaped our modern world.  Students will examine the events, trends, concepts and personalities from this turbulent century as they progress from post-World War I to contemporary time.  This is a challenging, interesting and important course with an emphasis on critical thinking, communication skills and citizenship.  Recommendation:  C+ or better in Social Studies 11 or Civics 11

Geography 12

Geography can be simply defined as the study of our earth.  This course examines both physical and human geography.  Aspects of physical geography studied include topics such as plate tectonics (earthquakes), volcanism (volcanoes), geology, climatology, meteorology (weather), glaciation and hydrology.  The human geography section focuses on topics such as cartography (map skills), the human use of the Earth – resources and technology, population, and environmental issues.  Recommendation:  C+ or better in Social Studies 11 or Civics 11

Comparative Civilizations 12

Comparative Civilizations 12 gives students an understanding and knowledge of the accomplishments of past civilizations.  This course will examine key individuals and the beliefs and values of European and non-European civilizations that have greatly influenced the world.  Topics will include achievements in such disciplines as art, architecture, philosophy, religion, technology and history.  Possible areas of investigation include:

·         Egypt of the Pharaohs

·         Classical Greece

·         Imperial Rome

·         Dark Ages/Age of Chivalry

·         The Renaissance

·         The Age of Exploration

·         The Enlightenment

·         The Emperors of China

·         Early Islamic Civilization

·         Ancient Persia

·         The Byzantine Empire

·         The Ottoman Empire

·         The Mayans

It is expected that students in Comparative Civilizations 12 will study in detail at least four of the civilizations featured in the list above. Recommendation:  C+ or better in Social Studies 11 or Civics 11

Law 12

This course provides a comprehensive look into law and the legal process, particularly as they relate to the Canadian justice system.  In addition to discussing the basic components of the law, the course will explore some of the major legal issues facing Canadians, including the parole system, young offenders and constitutional rights under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.  The history of law as well as Criminal law, civil law (i.e. tort law), family law, and contract law will be covered.  Recommendation:  C+ or better in Social Studies 11 or Civics 11

Psychology 12

Are you interested in the brain and behaviour?  Through the study of psychology, students will acquire an understanding of and an appreciation for human behaviour, behavioural interaction, and the development of individuals.  Topics of study include sensation and perception, learning, human development, personality and psychological disorders.  Recommendation:  C+ or better in Social Studies 11 or Civics 11

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