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Heritage Woods Secondary School
School District No. 43 (Coquitlam)
Business Education
Accounting 11 (AS)

All students will greatly benefit from what is perhaps the most practical and useful course in school.  Accounting teaches how to manage money.  This course introduces the students to basic accounting for business, personal use and professional careers.  The course covers the complete accounting cycle and creation of all necessary financial statements.

Accounting 12 (AS)

This course will introduce students to spreadsheet programs and the use of the computerized accounting spreadsheet package – Simply Accounting.  Students will practice and learn the process involved in setting up an automated accounting system, hopefully appreciating the speed and accuracy of a well-designed system.  Using the computer as a tool, students will be able to analyze and solve accounting problems, as well as generate and defend accounting reports.  This course will be beneficial for students pursuing studies in post secondary accounting or planning employment or management in the business field.  Recommendation:  Accounting 11. 

Business Technology Education 9

Ever dreamed of running your own company?  Being the boss?  Counting huge profits?  Well Business Technology might be the right choice for you.  Here you will learn basic business fundamentals like marketing, economics, communications, finance, and investing.  In this computer based course, students will learn to explore, promote and expand their business through a series of individual and group projects.  In the final project, students will be expected to run their own in-school company for a few days and then analyze the results.

Business Computer Application 11 (AS)

A thorough introduction to business software programs used in the industry is taught in this course.  Students will develop their skills in word processing, spreadsheets, databases, graphics, and telecommunications including e-mail and the internet.  Activities focus on real-world uses of computer applications, and relate to the world of work.  Students may have the opportunity to become MOS (Microsoft Office Specialist) certified – an industry recognized certification.  

Marketing 11 (AS)

Look down at your shirt.  What brand name are you wearing?  What is being advertised on the side of the bus?  What is the logo on your friend’s coffee cup?  In today’s world, marketing is everywhere.  In the Marketing 11 course, students will develop an understanding of marketing strategies that are used to bring goods and services to consumers’ attention.  Students will learn about the 4Ps of marketing:  product, place, promotion, and price.  This course is a must for those who like to show off their creativeness, or for those who simply enjoy studying and developing advertising campaigns and ideas.  So come on!  Don’t wait!  Sign up!

Marketing 12 (AS)

Did you know that the KFC slogan “finger lickin’ good” means “eat your fingers off” in Chinese?  Or that Chevrolet’s Nova did not sell very well in Spanish speaking countries because “No va” means “doesn’t go”?  These are a couple of examples that show why some products succeed in one market but not in others.  How do geography, culture, and language affect a company’s marketing strategy?  In Marketing 12, students will study and examine markets and advertising on a global scale.  The course will provide students with an opportunity to enhance their business management and entrepreneurship skills from a global perspective.  With the aid of various software programs, students will have the opportunity to study different parts of the world and learn more about other cultures and marketing as well.  So get ready to take a trip around the world with Marketing 12!  Recommendation:  Marketing 11.

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