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  English 9

This course will serve as an introductory course for all literary genres:  poetry, novel, short story, drama, speeches and essay.  There will be an emphasis placed on writing a well developed paragraph and an introduction to the five-paragraph essay.

English 9 (Honours)

English 9 Honours is intended for students who have demonstrated exceptional skills in speaking, listening, reading and writing.  Emphasis will be on reading for understanding of themes and developing strong written responses. 

English 10

This course will prepare students for the demands of senior level English courses.  There will be emphasis placed on unified, multi-paragraph compositions.  Reading material will cover a variety of themes and styles.  A provincial exam will count for 20% of the final mark in this course.

English 10 (Honours)

English 10 Honours is intended for students who wish to further polish their skills in speaking, listening, reading and writing.  The course emphasizes the development of students’ skills in academic writing and requires students to read widely.  A provincial exam will count for 20% of the final mark in this course.

English 11

This literature-based course places emphasis on appreciation of literature and development of language and communication skills, with specific attention to the writing process and the need for increasing sophistication in students’ writing abilities.  English 11 deals with a variety of topical themes drawn, where possible, from Canadian literature.

English 11 (Honours)

This course engages students in becoming skilled readers, and in becoming polished writers in a variety of prose forms.  Reading selections will be drawn from a wide variety of literature reflecting Canadian themes and concerns.  Composition will emphasize the craft of writing and the interaction among a writer’s purposes, audience expectations and subjects.

Humanities 11 (Credit will be granted for English 11 and Socials 11)

This is an exciting course which provides students an alternative for earning their Social Studies and English 11 credits.  The course integrates Social Studies and English curricula into one 2 block class, shared by two teachers.  In Humanities 11, students view Canadian events through different lenses: historical, political, geographical, and literary.  For example, during a unit on WW II and Immigration, students read The Jade Peony by Vancouver writer Wayson Choy, and complete assignments that count for both Social Studies and English. This unique approach of studying deepens student understanding and improves student learning.  Join us for Humanities 11!

English 12

In English 12 students will develop a critical vocabulary with which to respond to literature, both in writing and in discussion.  The principal materials studied will be short stories, poetry, novels, essays, and plays.  Students should leave this course with the ability to write an insightful and well-organized essay and use descriptive or narrative techniques effectively.  This course has a compulsory graduation program exam.

Communications 12

This course focuses upon the practical application of English skills and is designed for students who have experienced difficulty with regular English courses.  Students who graduate with Communications 12 will not have the academic requirements to enter university, but will meet the Language Arts graduation requirement.

English Literature 12

This course presents a chronological survey of the works of major English writers from Anglo-Saxon to Modern times.  Emphasis is placed upon the individual author’s relationship to the times in which he or she lived.  Literature 12 is strongly recommended for every university bound student.  This course is required for all students taking English 12 AP.

English 12 AP / English 12 Honours

This is an enriched course for students who enjoy literature and are interested in a course that is a departure from the typical English curriculum.  Content will include Greek tragedy, Shakespeare, poetry, short stories, and three to four 19th and 20th Century novels.  Discussion of literature and relevant issues in a seminar style is a major component of this class.  Evaluation will be based on tests, essays, journal writing and class presentations; however, assessment will be the same as for any other English class.  Content covered will also prepare students for the English 12 Provincial Exam.  Students who do well on their Advanced Placement exam may receive credit toward first year university English courses.  Students choosing to write the AP exam are responsible for the exam fee of $115.

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