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Home Economics
Foods and Nutrition 9

Enhance your culinary skills with professional techniques to create food that looks and tastes great!  Discover how good nutrition plays a key role in a healthy lifestyle.  Develop life skills to share with family and friends.  Plan and prepare a variety of sweet and savoury quick breads, soups, pasta, breakfast basics, enticing entrees, great garden salads and vegetables as well as divine desserts (including pies, cakes, and cookies).  Grab your apron, don your measuring cup and tempt your taste buds.  An open mind and an adventuresome palate are definite assets!

Foods and Nutrition 11 (AS)

Expand your repertoire of culinary skills and earn the provincial Food Safe Basic Certificate – a valuable asset in today’s job market!  Discover the many multicultural flavours of the world by studying cuisines of Europe (e.g. Germany, France, Italy), Asia (e.g. China, Japan, Thailand), the Middle East and the Americas (e.g. Canada, Mexico).  Plan, prepare, and enjoy a variety of international foods.  Learn how to apply key concepts of healthy eating.  This course will benefit anyone who loves food or is interested in the food, tourism, or hospitality industry!

Foods and Nutrition 12 (AS)

Use advanced professional techniques to prepare specialty breads, pasta, international meals, appetizers, soups, candy, jams and jellies.  Learn how to improvise, balance flavours, and create new dishes.  Assemble gift baskets showcasing your culinary talents.  Plan and host receptions including your own Grad party!  This course will be an asset to anyone who loves to cook, entertain, or plans to enter the food, tourism, or hospitality industry.  This course supports the Food and Nutrition section of Graduation Transitions.  Recommendation:  Food Studies 11 or Culinary Arts 11.

Family Studies 11 (AS)

What is the role of families in society today?  This course focuses on two main areas:  Families in Society and Child Development & Parenting.  Explore the issues challenging today’s families and the physical, social and psychological development of the child.  Experience what life might be like caring for a “Real Care” baby.  This is an excellent course for anyone wishing to pursue a career in a child-related field.  No prerequisite.

Family Studies 12 (AS)

Learn about yourself and your relationships with others!  This course will focus on two areas:  Adolescence and Interpersonal & Family Relationships.  Explore adolescence, learning about the roles, rights and responsibilities of the adolescent.  This interactive course will also explore some of the reasons why people form relationships as well as develop effective communication skills such as positive ways to deal with others.  This is an excellent course for those interested in careers in social or human services.  Recommendation:  Family Studies 11.

Tourism 11 (AS)

Take off with tourism!  Get a ticket to the fastest growing industry in BC.  Come aboard and travel throughout the province on an exciting adventure-packed trip to your final destination – a higher level of tourism related job skills and certification.  The following industry recognized certificates will be taught: SuperHost Fundamentals and SuperHost Serving Customers with Disabilities.

Tourism 12 (AS)

Domestic travel, exotic destinations and international travel is on the itinerary for Hospitality / Tourism 12.  Students will also explore the business of hospitality, adventure tourism, conferences and event planning, and the travel trade.  The following industry recognized certificates will be taught:  SuperHost Japan, SuperHost Across Culture, and Service Solution Series.  Recommendation:  Tourism 11.

Textiles 9

Build your clothing construction skills, practicing basic sewing machine and serger techniques.  Use simple, effective techniques to create garments you will be proud to wear!  Major projects may include a stretch knit outfit (e.g. a fleece top or hoodie with matching yoga-style pant), shirt or jean jacket, camisole, make-up bag, or stuffed animal.  Projects / patterns will be selected according to the experience and desires of the students.

Textiles 11 (AS)

Develop and improve basic machine skills (serger, sewing machine, iron-press) to make sewing easier and more rewarding!  Explore industry and couturier construction techniques through completion of 3-4 projects.  Apply design principles and fabric knowledge to create garments that are uniquely yours!  This course is divided into two levels – Level 1 (little or no sewing experience) and Level 2 (completed Textiles 9 or equivalent).  Projects will be similar in theme and may include a 2-piece stretch knit outfit, a fitted skirt or pant, shirt or unlined jacket, camisole, and stuffed animal.  Patterns / projects will be selected according to the experience and desires of the students.  This course is recommended for students interested in fashion design and / or merchandising.  No prerequisite.

Textiles 12 (AS)

This advanced course continues to build on construction experiences, allowing students the opportunity to further explore industry and couturier techniques while refining previous skills.  Basic skirt design as well as tailoring techniques will be introduced.  Projects will be selected based on interest, experience, and ability in consultation with the instructor.  Understanding of fit, specialty fabrics and application of design principles will be important aspects of every project.  This course is highly recommended for students interested in college or university fashion programs.  Recommendation:  Textiles 11.

Fashion Merchandizing 12 (B/AA)

Explore the exciting field of fashion merchandizing.  Learn about the apparel industry from conception and production to retail and promotion.  Topics include fashion psychology and history, principles of design, role of designers, an introduction to fashion illustration, fashion production, promotion and retailing, and a wide variety of fashion-related careers.  Students will maintain a fashion portfolio that may be used in interviews.  Successful course completion will be advantageous for students seeking employment opportunities in BC’s 4th largest industry and for students applying to college and university fashion design / merchandizing programs.  No prerequisite.

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