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École Dr. Charles Best Secondary School
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Technology Education


 Drafting & Design 9

This course introduces various design and drafting processes as well as graphic communication techniques. Areas covered will include animation, CAD, computer graphics, drawing, engineering and interior design, using both instruments and available software. Students will acquire skills that can be used in many real world applications.

Electronics 9

This is an introductory course where students will learn about different electronic components and the many circuits that they are found in. Students will have the opportunity to produce various projects starting with computer design and progressing through all construction stages to the finished project contained and mounted in an enclosure. Some theory work will also be done covering such topics as circuit analysis, Ohm’s Law and how to trouble shoot faulty circuits.

Technology 9

This course provides an excellent introduction to designing, building and testing inventions. It involves both teamwork and individual study. A variety of hand tools, machines and materials will be used to construct various projects. Examples of some projects include CO2 cars, mousetrap vehicles, rockets, go-karts and skateboards.

Wood Technology 9

Students will build a number of projects starting with simple hand tool projects and progressing to projects built mainly using power tools. In the process, students will learn correct and safe use of both hand and power tools, and basic principles of design.

Automotive Tech 11

This course is designed to provide a basic education in areas related to the automotive industry.

Students are permitted as much latitude as possible to develop their skills from a general interestor a career point of view. This course is a combination of related theory and practical experience. Emphasis is on the general concepts and theories as well as correct use of tools and equipment used in the maintenance and repair of automobiles.  OFF CAMPUS at Centennial

Carpentry & Joinery 11 (Wood 11)

This wood course stresses efficient methods of building projects using hand and machine processes. Initial projects will challenge students to demonstrate their ability at keeping wood joints tight and project parts square. Special skills and setups will be used in the production of projects for personal use. Mass production techniques will be included where applicable. Optional Projects.

Drafting & Design 11

This is an introductory course with the emphasis split between traditional board drawing and computer-assisted drafting and design (CADD). Students will become proficient in both 2-D and 3-D drawing and will use AutoCAD, 3D Architect and SolidEdge computer software in order to complete various course projects and activities. FA/AS

Electronics 11

This is a course for students who have or have not had any electronics experience. This course will run according to student interest and background in electronics. An opportunity for project construction also will occur in this course. In addition, enhanced instruction such as using digital multimeters, oscilloscopes and function generators will be included. An introduction to digital electronics will be included for students who have mastered electronics basics. Optional Projects

Automotive Technology 12

This course is designed for the student who wishes to pursue a career in the automotive service industry and will follow the Post-Secondary curriculum prescribed for level one apprentices within the mechanical repair trades.

Theory is studied in depth and practical competency is required. OFF CAMPUS

Carpentry & Joinery 12 (Wood 12)

This course builds on the skills taught in Carpentry & Joinery 11. Designs, plans, and bills of materials will be required when constructing individualized custom projects or group mass-produced projects. A unit on construction building standards and methods will be included. Optional Projects

Drafting & Design 12

This course will provide an opportunity to acquire the more advanced technical drawing and 3D modelling skills that are useful for those pursuing drafting and design related careers. Students will be able to investigate mechanical, architectural and various other design concepts and techniques used in the production of board and CAD (computer aided design) drawings. Students will expand on their use of AutoCAD, 3D Architect and SolidEdge software used in Drafting 11. Materials covered in this course directly relate to aspects found in the Portfolio 12 Organizers. Class time will be allotted to graduation portfolio development throughout the course.

Electronics 12

This is an advanced course for students who have had past electronics courses. Students will have an opportunity to complete more involved project work as well as learn about topics such as digital electronics, rectification, AC theory, motors and electrical building standards. Optional Projects.

Apprenticeship Training Programs

Construction Electrician Apprenticeship Training Program ACE –IT

A $250 fee is charged to cover the cost of Code Book

Credits : 20

Required Courses: Note - Physics 11 and Math 11 are entrance requirements by post secondary institutions to continue on with the Electrical Apprenticeship and should be timetabled into the student’s schedule. Math 12 is highly recommended. PLEASE NOTE: There is a $250 fee associated with this program. The Electrical Apprenticeship Training Program at Dr. Charles Best is an ACE IT program specializing in training Red Seal Construction Electricians. ACE IT is an industry training program for high school students. Through an ACE IT program, students can take courses that will give both high school graduation credits and a head start towards completion of an apprenticeship program. Students who are interested in this program should start planning in Grade 10 by consulting with their counselor so that an appropriate timetable can be arranged. The program is designed to begin in the 2nd semester of Grade 11 year when the student takes 300 hours (2 ½ courses) that prepares him/her for actual work experience in this field and starts the technical training instruction. As part of the curriculum the student will be taught the 20 hours pre-placement preparation component and will be expected to enroll in WEX 12A. Hopefully, the student can find a sponsor employer so the Work Experience time can count towards the apprenticeship. We will attempt to assist the students, but ultimately the employers are responsible for hiring, not teachers. The student gains experience during the summer between Grade 11 and 12 and finishes the program in the 1st semester of Grade 12 after taking the final two courses of the Technical Training; this involves another 300 hours of course work.. Students who attain 70% or higher in their courses are eligible to write the ITA exam and get credit  or their first year of the Technical Training component of the Electrician Apprenticeship. Participating students are expected to enrol in all the following courses:


Year 1

Electrician Apprenticeship Work-site Skills A – 6 Credits - Grade 11 2nd semester (Early start + Block A)

Electrician Apprenticeship Work-site Skills B – 4 Credits - Grade 11 2nd semester (Block B)

SUMMER: WEX12 A+B or SSA 11A 11B


Year 2

Electrician Apprenticeship Technical Skills A – 6 Credits - Grade 12 1st semester (Early Start + Block A)

Electrician Apprenticeship Technical Skills B – 4 Credits - Grade 12 1st semester (Block B)


Advanced Woodworking (Joinery) ACE- IT

Grade 12 - 12 credits

* Students must pay cost of textbooks.

This course is designed for those students interested in pursuing a formal trades career in cabinetmaking, furniture making, or millwork. Students who take this course will gain valuable skills which will be directly applicable to employment within the field. In a partnership with BCIT, the top 3-4 students will be guaranteed spots in the Joinery Entry Level Trades Training program (ELTT), beginning September 2007. Spaces in the Advanced Woodworking course will be limited and subject to a review of a student’s past performance.

Prerequisite: Woodworking 11

Students wanting a Carpentry & Joinery apprenticeship should enroll in WEX 12 A + WEX 12 B. We will provide a work experience opportunity and assist in helping the student find an apprenticeship sponsor employer. This is a linear course that will run as an extended Block A


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