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École Dr. Charles Best Secondary School
School District No. 43 (Coquitlam)
Programme D'Immersion Française

Français 9

This course will give students the opportunity to explore French literature and culture through the discovery of a variety of texts, cultural activities and novels from francophone authors.  The four components of the language (reading, speaking, writing, and comprehension) will be explored to engage students in authentic and meaningful learning activities.

Communication 9

This course provides the opportunity for an extensive use of the French language.  It also allows students to express themselves in French through small and large presentations.  Students will look at topics such as advertising, news stories, improvisation and public speaking.

Education Physique 9

This course, taught entirely in French, parallels the PE 9 curriculum.

Sciences Humaines 9

This course, taught in French, parallels the Social Studies 9 course.

Français 10

Do you like being a critic or analyst? Do you want to experience a wider range of literary genres and debate cutting edge ideas?  You will improve your French skills by being creative and learning how to share, present and defend your point of view.  The practice of the four components of language learning will be imbedded in specific units like creating children’s books, novel projects based on our seven intelligences and literary critiquing.

Education Physique 10

This course parallels the curriculum delivered in PE 10 but the language of instruction will be French.

Sciences Humaines 10

This course, taught in French, parallels the Social Studies 10 course. 

Français 11

This is a required course for French Immersion students in grade 11. Students will further develop their four language skills: listening, speaking, writing and reading. Through essay writing, students will refine their French writing skills.  Grammar will still be an integral part of the curriculum. Students will learn more about the French culture (Quebec and France) and develop an appreciation for cultural differences through the study of novels, short stories, poetry, songs and theatre.

Planification 10

This four credit mandatory course is taught in French and parallels the Planning 10 curriculum.  During this course, students will have the chance to develop the skills they need to become self-directed individuals through units such as Career and Education, Health and Safety and Finance.  Students are also introduced to Graduation Transitions, a requirement that must be met by the end of Grade 12.

Education Physique 11

This senior PE class offers a wide variety of physical activities off campus such as kayaking, fencing, skating, curling, self-defense and much more!

Communications 10 / 11

This elective will allow students to deepen their use of French oral skills. Students will develop their creative, analytical, and reasoning skills in order to get ready for the provincial oral exam. Four major units will be presented: a comparison of French cinema vs. Hollywood cinema, a production of TV shows posted on our school YouTube channel, a media analysis on international news and finally a humanitarian action through our school team. Active student participation in this course is essential for success.

Perspectives Mondiales 11

Perspectives Mondiales 11 is designed to provide students with the opportunity to develop awareness of the world and its complex issues. Students will also be given the opportunity, if they choose, to take part in the humanitarian trip to Sénégal, Africa in their grade 12 year.      

Sciences Humaines 11

This is a required course for French Immersion students in grade 11.  The curriculum will be taught in French and will parallel the Social Studies 11 course.  This course meets graduation requirements for Social Studies.

Français 12 / AP

This is the final course in the French Immersion Diploma program and is the only required course to be taken in grade 12.  The course aims to improve the four basic skills of listening, reading, speaking and writing.  A constant effort is made not to isolate any one of these four skills. Literary concepts, techniques of narration, the social and philosophical background of literary texts are studied in greater detail.  Through films, literature and discussions, students gain a better understanding of Francophone cultures and customs.  This course has a provincial exam.

Conversation 12

The course will encourage senior students to synthesize the French language skills they have mastered to date and apply these skills in an intense oral milieu.  In order to solidify their language skills it is highly recommended that students take this two credit course to prepare for the French Immersion provincial exam.

e-Journalism 10

Do you want to improve your oral and written skills in French? This e-journalism class will be responsible for the official French newspaper for Dr. Charles Best. Each issue will be linked to the school's Facebook page. Join, get published and become a local on line star! All article topics will be electronically created, edited and published. You will be in charge to report about our school, our community, our nation or the world. Learn journalism techniques to improve your written style. Photography and video casting skills will be presented and used as well as editing software and social media to enrich our newspaper’s content.


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