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École Dr. Charles Best Secondary School
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Programme D'Immersion Française


9eme année

Français 9

This course will give students the opportunity to explore French literature and culture through the discovery of a variety of texts, cultural activities and novels from francophone authors.  The four components of the language (reading, speaking, writing, and comprehension) will be explored to engage students in authentic and meaningful learning activities.

Communication 9

This course provides the opportunity for an extensive use of the French language.  It also allows students to express themselves in French through small and large presentations.  Students will look at topics such as advertising, news stories, improvisation and public speaking.

Education Physique 9

This course, taught entirely in French, parallels the PE 9 curriculum.

Sciences Humaines 9

This course, taught in French, parallels the Social Studies 9 course.

10eme année

Français 10

Do you like being a critic or analyst? Do you want to experience a wider range of literary genres and debate cutting edge ideas?  You will improve your French skills by being creative and learning how to share, present and defend your point of view.  The practice of the four components of language learning will be imbedded in specific units like creating children's books, novel projects based on our seven intelligences and literary critiquing.

Education Physique 10

This course parallels the curriculum delivered in PE 10 but the language of instruction will be French.

Sciences Humaines 10

This course, taught in French, parallels the Social Studies 10 course. 

Études au choix de carrière et de vie 10

This four-credit mandatory course is taught in French and parallels the Career Life Education 10 curriculum.  During this course, students will have the chance to develop the skills they need to become self-directed individuals through units such as Career and Education, Health and Safety and Finance.  Students are also introduced to Graduation Transitions, a requirement that must be met by the end of Grade 12.

11eme année

Étude du cinéma et de la littérature francophones 11

Étude du cinéma et de la littérature francophones 11 is designed to encourage students to discover, explore, analyze, and interpret cinematographic and literary works of the French-speaking world. By studying a variety of texts, students will acquire knowledge of Francophone culture, which will contribute to the development of their identity. The film component of the course will enable students to discover cinematographic works from different cultures, styles, and genres. In addition, students will develop their ability to analyze, interpret, and reflect in order to better appreciate cinematographic works from the French-speaking world. They will explore their imagination and develop their creativity, writing style, and spoken communication through multiple cinematographic genres. Through the literature component, students will discover a variety of literary texts and works from different eras, cultures, styles, and genres. In addition, they will develop their ability to analyze, interpret, and reflect in order to better appreciate literary works from the French-speaking world. Students will explore their imagination and develop their creativity and writing style through multiple literary genres.


Langue et culture de la francophonie 11

Langue et culture de la francophonie 11 is designed to lead students to reflect on how language and culture influence their personal perceptions and values. Through self-identification as students in a bilingual learning environment, they become aware of how acquiring a new language helps to strengthen their Canadian identity and contributes to their personal and social development. Culture plays an important role in learning, offering students the opportunity to explore and better understand the realities of their own culture and the cultures of the French-speaking world. Students will discover and explore the linguistic diversity, traditions, and customs of Francophones all over the world. In addition, they will develop an awareness of the diversity of French-speaking communities. Through a variety of study topics, students will put into practice their language competencies while exploring and deepening their understanding of various Francophone areas. 

Education Physique 11

This senior PE class offers a wide variety of physical activities off campus such as kayaking, fencing, skating, curling, self-defense and much more!

Perspectives Mondiales 11/12

Perspectives Mondiales 11/12 is designed to provide students with the opportunity to develop awareness of the world and its complex issues. Students will also be given the opportunity, if they choose, to take part in the humanitarian trip to Sénégal, Africa in their grade 12 year.     

Peuples Autochtones de la Colombie-Britannique 11/12 

This course is the French equivalent to BC First People's 12. It will focus on the following: Provincial and federal government policies and practices (specifically the Indian Act of 1876) that have affected, and continue to affect, the responses of B.C. First Peoples to colonialism.  It examines contemporary challenges facing B.C. First Peoples, including legacies of colonialism. It looks at Canadian History through an indigenous lens and offers students opportunities to hear and ask questions to guest speakers who will present on a wide variety of topics. This course provides an excellent foundation for students entering post secondary studies as well as the work force allowing them to educate others on what reconciliation might look like in Canada.

12eme année

Français 12

This is the final course in the French Immersion Diploma program and is the only required course to be taken in grade 12.  The course aims to improve the four basic skills of listening, reading, speaking and writing.  A constant effort is made not to isolate any one of these four skills. Literary concepts, techniques of narration, the social and philosophical background of literary texts are studied in greater detail.  Through films, literature and discussions, students gain a better understanding of Francophone cultures and customs.  This course has a literacy exam. Students will also have the opportunity to write the DELF exam.​

Histoire 12

The course will cover various events that marked the 20th and 21st centuries: Russian revolution, Cold War, End of Cold War, South Africa, Conflicts in Africa, and the Middle East.

Étude comparative des religions du monde 12

This course is the French equivalent to Comparative World Religions 12. We will explore the origins of different religious movements and their growth and decline over time. Using art, architecture and stories, we will compare and contrast different belief systems and traditions, including First Nations spirituality. Connections will be made between religion and philosophy, culture and politics by discussing important historical and current events as well as the accuracy of the representation of religion in media and popular culture.​

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