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Fine Arts


Art 9

Art 9 is an introductory course to 2-D and 3-D art processes. Students will explore a variety of media while learning strategies to develop a sense of personal imagery. The study of the elements and principles of design will be pursued through projects in areas such as drawing, painting, collage, 3-D (ceramics, papier-mache), printmaking, commercial design, and others.

 Ceramics & Sculpture 9

This is an introductory course which explores three-dimensional media. The focus is on clay hand building techniques and sculpture. Both functional and non-functional projects will be created with an emphasis on the creative use of media. Finishing techniques such as glazing, underglazing, bisque stains, and oxides will be explored. Other three-dimensional methods such as papier-mache, wire, and plaster, may also be explored.

 Graphic Communication 9

This course is designed to introduce students to the basic principles of graphic design, and, at the discretion of the teacher, apply those skills to a variety of graphic processes including: digital photography, hand and computer generated graphics, printmaking, silkscreening and more. While drawing skills are not a requirement, they would be an asset. Students should be interested in developing new and imaginative ways to express ideas in graphic media.

 Art Foundations 11

Art Foundations 11 is a valuable introductory art course at the senior level that will appeal to students interested in a wide range of art experiences. The course is open to both experienced art students and those taking art for the first time. Art Foundations 11 will provide opportunities for personal expression and visual communication in a variety of areas, both two and three dimensional. These may include: drawing, painting, ceramics, sculpture, collage, textiles, printmaking, graphic design, and others. The focus of the course will be on the elements and principles of design, image development strategies, and on understanding art in its social, cultural, and historical contexts.

 Desktop Publishing 11

This course focuses on the skills it takes to produce publications electronically. Students will be introduced to layout design using Pagemaker, digital photography, composition rules, creative text and photo manipulation using Photoshop. These skills will be applied to the production of our school’s Yearbook. There will also be opportunities to explore projects of personal interest. This course should be beneficial to all students and should enhance their opportunities in this growing industry.

 Graphic Communication 11

Create exciting graphics, discover the secrets of dynamic graphic design and enjoy learning about the techniques used in graphic communication. Practical assignments cover design principles, composition, typography and layout so you can give your ideas the best possible punch. Although students will generally work with computer applications like Flash and Photoshop, there are some hand generated printing processes covered, digital photography, and maybe even a video unit for those students who are interested.

 Media Arts 11: Photography

Photo 11 introduces students to the exciting world of manual SLR and digital photography. Students will learn the skills needed to take well composed and developed photographs. One component of this course is black and white photography. The topics will include: history, camera operations, film developing, darkroom procedures and techniques, compositional rules and the elements and principles of design. Students will use digital cameras for approximately 3/4 of the course. Photoshop skills will be taught with an emphasis on retouching photographs and photo manipulation.

 Studio Arts 11: Ceramics & Sculpture

Ceramics and Sculpture 11 provides students the opportunity to express themselves in three dimensional media, learn new techniques, and gain an appreciation of the personal, cultural, historical and social contexts within which art is created. This course will appeal to experienced art students and beginners alike and may cover clay hand building, wheelwork, glaze making, non-fire finishes, as well as traditional and non traditional sculptural media.

 Studio Arts 11: Drawing & Painting

This course will allow students the opportunity to explore two-dimensional art with more of a focus on the development of personal imagery and formal composition. A variety of drawing techniques and media will be explored. Painting skills will continue to focus on creative expression while introducing colour media such as pastel, watercolour and acrylic paint. Understanding and manipulating colour will be an important part of this course. Some printmaking techniques will also be explored. In addition, the students will have the opportunity to look at several movements of art through history.

 Yearbook 11/12

This course is for students who have completed Desktop Publishing 11 and want to continue working on the yearbook. Students will be involved more with the organization and editing of the yearbook and will be expected to take on more of a leadership roll. Although the primary focus is on our yearbook publication students will have the opportunity to work on school and community publications such as play programs, posters, and brochures.

 Art Foundations 12

Art Foundations 12 is intended for students who wish to continue their exploration of art using a variety of meia at the advanced level. The course will review and expand the content from Art 11 and will provide students with the opportunity to prepare their portfolios forpost-secondary fine art courses. An emphasis will be to develop independence in researching, planning and developing visual imagery.

 Graphic Communication 12

This course continues on from Graphics 11. Students will be able to explore the concepts presented in Graphics 11 in more depth and learn some new printing processes not covered in Graphics 11. Students will also be able to design a major project in a graphic area of their choice. Areas of study will include illustration, type design, advanced poster and logo design, and digital photo manipulation techniques. Students will also study some of the main design styles of the last century and may draw upon these and their own original ideas to develop a personal style in their final productions. Students will be able to take home on a CD of their work to use in their portfolios and for personal enjoyment.

 Media Arts 12: Photography

Photo 12 provides an in-depth study of black and white SLR and digital photography. This course builds upon the skills and concepts learned in Photo 11. Students will extend their understanding of the rich history and aesthetic issues related to photography. Projects will enable students to explore various styles and genres such as: portraiture, still life, nature, photo documentary and independent project work. Advanced dark room techniques and photographic manipulation strategies like colouring, toning, photo touch-up and photo collage will be covered both manually and digitally through Photoshop. Career possibilities related to photography will be explored and students can work on developing their portfolio for possible post-secondary studies.

 Animation 12

This course introduces students to the exciting world of animation. Students will learn the skills associated with classic hand drawn animation and apply them to a variety of animation applications. Topics such as claymation, 2d computer generated animation like Flash and 3D animated modeling using the program Animation Master may be covered.

 Studio Arts 12: Ceramics & Sculpture

This course will provide students with the opportunity to further their exploration in ceramics and sculpture. It will involve studio work and an independent research project. Students will be encouraged to develop a series of work reflecting their strengths and interests as well as making their own glazes and wheel projects.

 Studio Arts 12: Drawing & Painting

This course builds on the foundation developed in Drawing & Painting 11 and allows students to work on a variety of independent two-dimensional projects in the atmosphere of an artist’s studio. The emphasis will be on composition, personal image making and individual instruction. 


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