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Career Life Connections (CLC)

Career life Connections 12




CLC 12 is a full-year, graded, 4-credit course delivered outside the regular timetable using Microsoft Teams. Completion of CLC12 is required for graduation. The goal of CLC12 is to promote experiential activities that prompt examination of career-life roles, planning cycles, and decision-making models. Throughout the course, students will engage in one-on-one mentorship with teachers and reflect regularly on their passions, interests, talents, and successes. Face-to-face support for CLC12 is provided daily in room 309. There are four main components of CLC12 and they are described below.


1. Capstone Project
(Semester 1, 25% of course grade)

The CLC12 “Capstone" includes a project and a presentation. The capstone project is a hands-on, experiential activity that showcases a student's talents, interests, and passions. The capstone project will begin a student's professional portfolio and provide content for future job interviews and university applications. Teachers will support students in planning, documenting, executing, and showcasing their capstone projects. Consider the following capstone project ideas:

  • An aspiring computer science student codes a program that uses machine learning to detect patterns in image files.
  • A skilled trades student builds a car over the course of a few months using parts from salvage yards.
  • A textiles student designs and makes her graduation dress.
  • A community-minded student builds a website to connect students across Canada for a social purpose.
  • An athletic student sets a performance goal, builds a training program, and tracks progress over time towards goal achievement.
  • An engineering-minded student invents a widget to solve a real problem in their everyday life.
  • A language student writes a novel, publishes a children's book, or embarks on a journey to learn a 4th language.
  • A music student composes or arranges a unique piece and collaborates with other musicians to bring this piece to life.


2. Capstone Presentation
(Semester 1, 25% of course grade, required for graduation)

The Capstone presentation will take place on Capstone Day (January, during semester turn-around). As part of this exciting event, students will share their capstone projects in formal presentations demonstrating their planning process, problem solving methods, and a reflection of the core competencies involved. Capstone presentations can be considered one of the first graduation events of the year as they are a time for students to celebrate growth and accomplishments after 12 years of school. CLC12 teachers will work with students one-on-one to plan for this presentation.


3. 30 Hours Work or Volunteer Experience
(Semester 2, 10% of course grade, required for graduation)

Thirty hours of paid work or volunteer experience is required for graduation. This experience can be acquired anytime from grades 10 – 12 and can be inside or outside the school building. Please note: students are not limited to 30 hours. Consistent, ongoing work or volunteer experience in the community will help graduating students explore the world and build a strong professional network, which is a key outcome of CLC12.

CLC12 teachers will guide students through the process of obtaining work or volunteer experience, and support reflection against an employability skills checklist.


4. Coursework
(Semester 2, 40% of course grade)

CLC12 coursework will cover a number of career-life topics, including: mental health, social media, machine learning, income tax, wealth building, sexual health, mentorship, charitable giving, environmental stewardship, and career planning. Students will be able to choose topics of interest and engage in small group workshops to achieve learning outcomes.

CLC12 coursework will require students to engage with CLC12 teachers during their off block and through Microsoft Teams.





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