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École Dr. Charles Best Secondary School
School District No. 43 (Coquitlam)
Business Education
Business Technology 9

This course is designed to give students information on using computers for business applications. As an overview to the courses offered in the Business Education Department, students will learn about marketing, accounting, finance, business management and communications. Students will learn basic business concepts and apply them to a variety of technologies such as email, Internet, word processing, spreadsheets and graphics. This course is an excellent foundation of business knowledge and skills and introduces students to the senior business education curriculum.

Accounting 11

This course is an excellent foundation for students who intend to get jobs in the business world, become self-employed or take post-secondary business courses. As an introduction to bookkeeping procedures and accounting concepts, this course allows students to be aware of and capable of completing the basic accounting cycle and financial statements for a small business.

Marketing 11

Students will work towards developing many of the skills they need to work for themselves or for someone else in a retail/service business. Topics covered include the nature of marketing, consumer psychology, marketing research, sales presentations, store image and design, advertising, packaging and labelling, and pricing.

Accounting 12

Builds on concepts learned in Accounting 11. Using industry standard software (Simply Accounting), students set up an automated accounting system, analyze and solve accounting problems, generate and defend accounting reports and analyze and compare financial statements. This course is ideal for students seeking employment in accounting or pursuing a business program at the post-secondary level.

Entrepreneurship 12

This course is provides a practical “hands-on” opportunity for students to explore establishing and running a business. Students will identify and evaluate business opportunities, assess business ideas and develop and implement a business plan. Students with varied career interests can apply the material learned to their own area. (There is no prerequisite.)

Marketing 12

This course continues to build business management and entrepreneurship skills. Marketing at both the international and national level will be explored. Topics covered will include Product Strategies, Pricing Strategies, Channels of Distribution, and Advanced Concepts in Advertising. This course is beneficial to anyone interested in running their own business and/or pursuing business or commerce programs.


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