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English 9

Through the integration of reading, writing, oral communication and viewing, English 9 students will further the skills learned in Grade Eight and refine their appreciation of literature. The skills developed will include writing, editing, reading, critical thinking, speaking and studying. There will be a focus on written work, including sentence structure, paragraph writing and essay writing. In addition, students will begin to learn the vocabulary of literary analysis to enable them to discuss literature more precisely. Assignments will require that students write in a variety of formats for a variety of audiences and purposes.

English 10

English 10 continues to build on the skills learned in English 9. Students will be required to read a variety of literary selections and will be introduced to Shakespearean drama. The skills focused on will include writing, editing, reading, critical thinking, and studying. There is a strong emphasis on written work and students will be expected to develop a sense of style and an ability to structure a convincing argument. The vocabulary learned in Grade 9 will be expanded to enrich the students’ understanding and appreciation of literature. This course will have a mandatory Graduation Programme final exam worth 20% of the total mark.

English 11

The emphasis of this course is on refining the students’ understanding and appreciation of literature and on further developing the students’ language skills. The course deals with a variety of themes and the reading list includes novels, Shakespearean drama, short stories, poetry and non-fiction. Selections from video, film, newspapers and popular culture will be used to enrich the core curriculum. Students will read for a variety of purposes, demonstrate interpretive skills and will critically analyze more sophisticated prose and poetry than in previous years. Again, the emphasis will be on improving reading and writing skills.

Communications 11 & Communications 12

These courses are designed for students who have difficulty academically in English and who would not successfully complete English 11 and 12. The courses meet graduation requirements but not university admission requirements. Students admitted must be approved by a committee of English teachers, Learning Centre staff, counselors and administrators. The courses cover the basic forms of communication adapted to student abilities. Communications 12 has a provincial exam.

English 12

This literature-based course is designed to provide each student with the opportunity to develop intensive critical skills. The course stresses critical analysis of a variety of forms of literature and communication, including short stories, poetry, essays, novels, drama and films. Students are expected to become competent communicators and judges of form and content in these literary genres. The course also endeavours to prepare students for post secondary writing courses. This course has a provincial exam worth 40% of the total mark and is a required course for all Canadian universities.

English Literature 12

Literature 12 explores the history of English Literature from Beowulf and Chaucer to modern times. Students who are strong in English and like to read epics, drama and poetry will find this course provides an excellent literary background for university. The course is intended to enable students to develop skills in reading, understanding, discussing, and appreciating the literature, particularly poetry and dramas, of times other than our own. Emphasis is placed upon the authors’ relationships to the times in which they lived, to provide an awareness of our cultural heritage and a perspective for contemporary literature. This course provides excellent preparation for the humanities professions and has a provincial exam.

Writing 12

Ever wonder what it’s like to write something that’s not meant to be read by an English teacher? Writing 12 explores the professional world of writing. Learn how to plan and craft magazine articles, poetry, novels, short stories, children’s picture books, chapter books, TV scripts and other compositions, and then learn how to sell them. This course is meant for grade 11 and 12 students who love to put pen to paper. A professional portfolio will be kept as part of the course requirement.


Journalism 9 /10

Journalism 9 / 10 is an introductory course open to students intent on pursuing a career in journalism or interested in working on the school paper. Students will learn different writing styles ( editorial, news, entertainment, sports) and will be taught to recognize bias in reporting Photographic techniques and picture composition, cartooning and page layout are other components of the course. Students will also be introduced to Adobe Pagemaker, In Design and Photoshop programs and will become responsible for producing elements of the “Dr. Charles Best Echo” and the “Grade Nine Handbook.”


Journalism 11

Journalism 11 introduces students to the craft of writing for news publications and broadcasts. Students will learn fundamental news reporting skills, including interviewing techniques and features, sports and opinion writing. They will also develop editing skills and media awareness and learn to use their initiative. Journalism 11 students will participate in the production of the school newspaper. As part of their involvement in the school paper, students will be introduced to the basics of photography, graphic design and page layout. Students will also be involved in marketing and sales for the newspaper.


Journalism 12

Journalism 12 is intended for students who have already completed an introductory Journalism course but wish to gain further experience in the field. Journalism 12 students will take a leadership role in the production of the school newspaper, and will further hone skills developed in Journalism 11. Students will be expected to manage the editorial content of the student newspaper and will participate in all aspects of newspaper production, including story assignments, budgeting, and promotion. Students will develop a comprehensive portfolio of their work and take on extended feature writing for school publications.

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