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Chess Program


Chess 10

Chess 10 is a course designed to introduce students to the wonderful world of chess. This course will focus on its many facets, which include a brief 
history of chess, chess in culture, rules and etiquette of chess, and how to read and record chess games. Moreover, basic strategy, tactics, opening, middle, and endgame theory will be introduced.  As well, to further develop students’ skills, students will participate in many class tournaments and play remotely through an on-line chess community.  By the end, students will feel comfortable playing chess and will also benefit from the logical, critical, analytical, and creative thinking chess provides—skills that can be transferred to all subject areas and all facets of life. This course if open to ALL students.

Chess 11

Chess 11 is a course designed to further expose students to the wonderful world of chess.  This course will continue to develop students’ skills and understanding in the areas of chess strategy, tactics, opening, middle, and endgame theory.  As well, the course will introduce students to the study of famous master games in order to enhance understanding of more advanced concepts. Also, students will practice what they’ve learned through daily in-class play and tournaments and participate remotely through an on-line chess community.  Not only will the course take the student from beginner to novice level of play, but students will also benefit from the logical, critical, analytical, and creative thinking chess provides—skills that can be transferred to all subject areas and all facets of life. Open to all students but Chess 10 is recommended prior to enrollment

Chess 12

In Chess 12, students will continue to develop their analytical and critical thinking skills and further develop their knowledge in chess. More specifically, visualization and pattern recognition will be further developed. Opening and endgame theory will be examined in greater detail, as well as students’ ability to analyze their own and others’ games. As well, students will take a more active role in the organization and management of tournaments as well as be advocates for chess in their community. This course is designed to act as a bridge from a novice player to an intermediate player. By the time the student completes the course, he/she will be able to compete in international chess tournaments as well as maximize enjoyment of leisure play and to teach the game of chess to others. Completion of Chess 11 is required before students can register for Chess 12.       

Why should your child take chess?

Chess is more than just a game; it can provide students of all abilities with an enjoyable lifelong, intellectual pursuit. A general opinion of chess as an elitist or exclusive activity couldn't be further from the truth. It is an activity where even the weakest academic students can match their wits and beam with success.  Moreover, it is a proven as a valuable self-esteem builder.  Chess demands that participants exercise their best powers of planning, memory, decision making, judgment, creativity and concentration. Interestingly, chess is known to assist cognitive development for students in four areas: logical and critical thinking, memory, focus/concentration and pattern recognition with overall improvements in academic performance, especially mathematics and reading (Watson-Glaser Critical Thinking Appraisal WGCTA).  Therefore, as a program, Chess will be the perfect venue for students to develop these skills--skills that are applicable and transferable, not only in the Mathematics and English curriculum, but to all other curriculums and many of life's situations. Furthermore, the educational benefits of chess are already recognized by its inclusion in the required curricula of over 30 countries worldwide, including Canada (Quebec and New Brunswick).  Finally, we believe Chess is fun, engaging, inclusive, and the perfect venue for kids to develop the socio-emotional as well as the cognitive domain.


About our Chess teacher/instructor:

Mr. Radic is our unofficial Master of Chess.  An ex-competitive player, Mr. Radic shares his years of playing experience and passion with our students.  He developed the program in 2011 and has been teaching it ever since.  What started out as a pilot program has blossomed into one of our most popular electives and has expanded into a two part program: Chess 11 and Chess 12.  We are very lucky to offer this program as it is the only BAA approved chess curriculum offered in British Columbia!

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Commonly asked questions…

Question:  Do I have to be good at Chess to enrol?

Answer:  No.  Actually, you don't even need to know how to play.  Mr. Radic will teach you.  By the end of the program, you will go from not even knowing how the pieces move to being able to hold your own against anyone.

Question:  Do I have to be smart to play chess?

Answer:  No, you don't—but Chess will make your smarter.

Question:  Can I take Chess instead of Math?

Answer: Chess is only an elective, not a substitute for Math; although, playing chess will help you in Math.

Question:  Do I get credit for taking Chess?

Answer:  Yes!  Being as how it is a BAA (Board/Authority Authorized) approved course, you can use the credits you've earned taking Chess towards your dogwood diploma!


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