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Terry Fox Secondary School
School District No. 43 (Coquitlam)

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Counselling Staff:

Students are assigned to counsellors on an alphabetical by last name ​​basis. Students wishing to see a counsellor should go directly to the counsellor’s office. If a parent has any questions concerning the program, progress, or attendance of a student, please contact a counsellor at 604-941-5401.


  • Help in program and course selection.
  • Help in solving academic difficulties and problems, in arranging for tutorial assistance, and in improving study skills.
  • Information about the school and its functioning - orientation.
  • Information on post-secondary training and registration (universities, regional colleges, vocational schools, technology institutes, apprenticeship programs, etc.), and on transition to such training.
  • Information on vocational and career planning, family life, intellectual skills (learning styles, learning disabilities, study skills), relationships, child/sexual abuse, substance abuse, mental well being and healthy living.
  • Discussion of personal problems and assisting students in making their own personal decisions.
  • Support in crisis situations and referral to community agencies (mental health, counselling, public health, social services, etc.).
  • Career Resource Centre.

 Frequently Asked Questions

​Seeing a Counsellor

Counsellors are located in the Counselling Office on the main floor. Students are asked to see their alpha counsellor (by last name) for academic counselling. Students are also free to see the counsellor of their own choice for personal counselling. Students are welcome to make appointments to see counsellors or to drop in before school, at break, during lunch, after school, or (with class teacher's permission only) during class time. 

Youth Worker

Ms. Tamara Davis our Youth Worker, is available in the Raven's Den on the second floor. Students are welcome to make appointments or to drop in to see the youth worker before school, at break, during lunch, after school, or (with class teacher's permission only) during class time. 
Ms. Diane Kiss our Aboriginal Youth Worker, is located in room 201. She is available at Fox on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday mornings

Post-Secondary and Career Advisor

The Post-Secondary and Career Advisor is available in the Career Centre located in the Counselling area. Ms. Karen Tsang is at the school from 8:30 am to 4:15 pm. She is available to assist students with career planning, post-secondary education, personality assessments, job and volunteer opportunities, cover letters/resumes, and applying for scholarships.​

Course Changes

Students may only request schedule changes if there is an error in their schedule. Changes may be requested by seeing your alpha counsellor. All course changes must be approved by the administration and completed by the end of the first week of classes each semester.  No course may be dropped after Dec 2 / April 2 without being counted as a Withdraw / Fail on your record (some exceptions may apply with Admin approval).

  • Requests to ADD an extra course must be applied for and approved by Admin via your alpha counsellor.
  • After the semester start, course DROPS must be approved by your alpha counsellor and administrator using a course drop form. In general, course drops will not be approved unless there is a sound educational reason to do so. If a student does not formally drop a course but stops attending, he/she will receive a Withdraw / Fail mark at semester end for the course.
  • Requests to upgrade courses or repeat a failed course in the next semester must be applied for via your alpha counsellor and approved by Admin - very few spaces are available for this request. In most cases, you must repeat the course the following year or attend summer school to gain credit.

Scholarships, Bursaries and Loans

There is a significant amount of financial help available for those planning on going on to post-secondary education. See Mr. Chambers and /or Ms. Tsang in the Counselling office for information and support regarding scholarship applications and deadlines. 

Learning Support

Support is available for students who are experiencing difficulty with courses. Students who have been found to have a learning disability will receive support via the Learning Centre (room 221) and their assigned case managers. Other students may seek support from their teachers and Peer Tutors/ Community tutors who can be accessed via counsellors. Students are encouraged to establish study groups within their classes to support their learning.

Online Courses

Online Learning Overview

This district program allows students to take courses in a flexible online environment. While most courses follow a common framework, each course is unique and is designed to suit the course subject, the teacher's style and the student's preferences. The common elements of online courses that students are expected to use regularly are email, discussion boards, web pages and face-to-face meetings.
Contact your counsellor if you are interested.

Self-Paced Online Learning

Some self-paced coursework is available for students that choose to learn independently. This type of learning is not suitable for all students. This option requires the advanced approval of a counsellor and the administration.
See your counsellor for details.

Apprenticeship Info

Pre-apprenticeship training info and apprenticeships can be accessed via Ms.Tsang in the Career Centre. If you qualify, the apprenticeship program is an excellent way to jump-start your career and work and earn while you are in school.

Terry Fox Secondary School

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